5 Must Know Packing Tips For Every Traveler.

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No matter how many travel blogs you read, you will always end up making silly mistakes. Before you set out on your next trip, I recommend giving these 5 packing tips a read, that will definitely change the way you travel.


1. Place Valuables in Hand Carry

While you might be thinking of keeping valuables in the checked luggage, do not end up making this mistake. As the saying goes, Out of sight, Out of mind. Your checked-in luggage goes through multiple security checks and is transported in ways you don’t want to know.

Don’t risk losing your valuables and place them in your hand luggage so that you’re at peace knowing that your valuable items are safe.

You can always rent a storage facility to store your belongings in, if you’re planning on travelling long term and are concerned for the safety of your belongings at home. There are storage units in Orlando, Miami, Denver and almost all major cities of a state.

2. Save Bag Space for Holiday shopping

We know you might be tempted to keep as many clothes as possible for your holiday. But this is one of the most common mistakes travelers seem to make. Shopping at your travel destination becomes all the more challenging since you won’t have enough space to make purchases from there.

Therefore, always save up to 3/4th the bag space for holiday shopping, if you’re a shopaholic. You don’t want to waste extra money on getting your luggage booked.

3. Follow Airline Baggage Instructions

If you’re travelling by air for the first time, then this needs your utmost attention. Always review the baggage policy of the airline you’re travelling with to avoid last minute trouble at the security check.

If you’re travelling within the USA, go through TSA policies and regulations. If you don’t comply to TSA standards, you will only end up getting most of the stuff confiscated, spoiling your mood before the trip even begins.

Check for bag dimensions, allowed liquid proportions and the classification of items in designated categories.

4. Choose your Suitcase Wisely

What exactly does it mean by choosing your suitcase wisely? Chances are that you might have a couple of unused suitcases at home which you’re planning on taking with you on the holiday. Before you do that, always weigh your suitcases without the luggage. This gives you an idea of how heavy your suitcase is, which directly affects the luggage allowance.

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Always survey the market for lighter and more stylish bags. This will save you the cost of excess baggage and you will be able to shop as much as you like, since you’ll have ample space.

5. Roll Instead of Stacking

This packing tip is especially useful for individuals who are going on a backpacking trip with minimum luggage. Since you’re already short on space, you must roll your clothes instead of stacking them on top of one another.

This saves space considerably, allowing you to carry way more things than you would have otherwise. Another additional advantage of rolling the clothes is that your clothes remain wrinkle free.

Since you might not get to press your clothes so often, everywhere, you should be all set for the holiday by every means.


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