5 Interior Design Tips for a Picture-Perfect Home

Interior design refers to the science and art of renovating the interior of a home by enhancing its aesthetic appeal. This is done by employing artistic elements of design, just like one would decorate a cake or a Christmas tree, or paint a piece of artwork. 

Interior design is an art form that does not come easily to everyone. There are many reasons why someone would want to create an interior design with your home. Perhaps you are looking to sell the home and are hosting an open house with home staging tactics to increase its sell value. On the flip side, maybe you just moved into your new home and are looking to design it with your artistic touches so that when visitors come they can feel at home and impressed.

“Turn-key design is an all-inclusive approach. From the initial ideas to installation, we work with you to create a complete design that is perfectly tailored to you,” says Jamie Naugle Interiors, an interior designer in Austin.

Interior design requires a budget, a timeline, and a lot of work. However, the end result is always worth it. 

Everyone wants a home that will leave an impression. But where to start?

The answer lies in these 5 interior design tips for a picture-perfect home. We’ll be sharing the latest trends and useful tips to help take your home to the next level and make it into something out of a magazine. Let’s get started!

     1. Adopt an Open Plan Layout

Your home should have a flow to it. These days, people like an open concept with plenty of natural light. In addition, your home will look more spacious than it actually is. Adopting an open plan layout, such as between your kitchen and living room, will elevate your home value and make it more functional to live in. After all, everyone knows the kitchen and living room are two of the most popular spots in a home, where family gatherings and visitors come together. 

     2. Decorate With Plants

A current trend in 2021 is plenty of plants around your home. This gives the home a breath of life and also adds modernity when paired with simple whites and browns. There are many different types of indoor plants you can choose from, including hanging plants, succulents, and even tall palms. 

Just be sure to talk to a gardener or expert about the special needs of the plant. You should purchase plants that can survive indoors with indirect sunlight and at room temperate. Succulents are one of the most popular types of indoor plants for this reason. They are also low-maintenance, having to be watered only once a week. 

The best part? Decorating with plants is cost-effective for those on a budget compared to other art pieces you may install around your home.

     3. Add Pops of Color

A home with a monochromatic color scheme means you can add pops up color to make a statement! This is a highly popular interior design tactic that draws attention to certain parts of the home. There are many ways you can add such touches of color throughout your home. Perhaps you want to make your kitchen cabinets a deep red. Or, maybe you want to add a bright-colored rug or pillow to complete your living room. You can even paint a wall a deep blue to contrast the hues of white and cream around it. 

The juxtaposition between neutral colors and bright colors makes your home seem more attractive. You can also consider adding a statement piece, such as hanging wall art of a sculpture that brings life to your room. Once you decide on the foundational neutral colors of your home, you can decide which pops of color would complement them. 

     4. Decorate Your Walls

Wallpaper may seem like a design trend that has faded away into the past, but it is making a comeback! Dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are popular spots for wallpapers. There are several modern patterns available at your local home store that can complement the colors of your home perfectly while adding accents and a pop of color. 

     5. Install Hardwood Floors

Finally, carpet in a home is basically a sin these days, especially anywhere except the rooms. Even tiles seem dated and are losing their edge. The current trend is wood floors, whether they be laminate or hardwood, depending on your budget. Choose from various shades of food, such as light mahogany or dark coffee. 


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