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5 Gen Z Fashion Trends That Millennials Just Don’t Get

While millennials have been dictating what’s what in the world of fashion for quite some time, gen z is taking over the reins. As a result, some trends are out, some have been modified, and others have been dubbed downright unacceptable for gen z fashionistas. So if you’re a millennial hoping to hold onto your tend setter status, you might want to grasp these five gen z fashion trends that are setting the pace.


Bold, Retro Frames

Prescription glasses and even sunglasses have always been influenced by the trends of the day. While millennials brought to life the larger than life nerd frames we so often see in the gaming community, gen z isn’t impressed by chunky nerd frames. Instead, retro designs are rolling back in to enjoy a second chance at setting trends. These days, cat eye glasses, bold colors, and 90’s designs are back in fashion. 

Mom Jeans

Skinny jeans are out, and the fact of the matter has millennials quite stumped. While most of us genuinely considered skinny jeans a staple in every wardrobe as a timeless fashion piece, gen z rejects skin tight jeans in favor of baggy, ill-fitting mom jeans. 

Upcycled Clothing

While millennials may have showcased their creative flair with multi-colored hair and rather bizarre make-up rituals, some of which genuinely should be left in the past, gen z has a different approach to personalizing outfits. Upcycled clothing and second-hand finds are all the rage right now. Even though this trend might be a bit confusing, we can only assume that gen z loves upcycled clothing simply because the core of their fashion sense seems to stem from the 90s and early 2000s. This suggests that thrift stores would be the ideal place to find a pair of disco-ready bellbottom jeans.


Gen z honors comfort before style as millennials may have tried their might to insist that tights are not pants. However, gen z fashion often incorporates gym-wear, even into apparent stylish party outfits. As a result, it is now perfectly acceptable to flaunt gym tights with an oversized band t-shirt that comes straight out of the 90s or a stretchy crop top with a pair of baggy mom jeans. 

Chunky Sneakers And Mini Skirts

Millennials would never have considered pairing a mini skirt with a pair of chunky sneakers. Sneakers are made for the gym, and while there are a few instances where millennials will incorporate iconic sneakers into casual wear, gen z pairs sneakers with practically everything. The Hype 24/7 sneaker store caters to this trend, offering a diverse range of sneakers that can complement any outfit at any time.

What’s more, the specific mini skirt design that gen z has fallen in love with is stolen from the early 2000s and modified slightly. Back then, skirts, pants, and jeans were all low-rise; in fact, the lower, the better. Nowadays, low-rise anything is out, and high-rise is the only acceptable option. 

There’s no doubt that gen z fashion is as unique and creative as the fashion trends of every generation that stood before. However, the core concepts of today’s trends focus on comfort, personalization, and a few selections from the past. 



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