5 Fun Ideas for Toddler Play.

Looking for something fun to do with your toddler? Here are some fun things that you can do together.

1. Play Cooking

Kids love to mimic what their parents do. Sit down with your kid and pretend to play cook. Buy some play food and if you want, a whole play kitchen. I had one as a kid and I absolutely loved making fake cupcakes in the fake oven. Want to make your child feel special? Use play food with real cookware (no sharp objects!). Let them use your plastic mixing bowl and your big plastic spoon. Make a fake burner but let them use the real pots and pans. They will feel good knowing they get to use mommy and daddy’s kitchen ware.

2. Chalk

Don’t let a beautiful day outside go to waste. Grab some colorful chalk and get drawing! Kids love making their own designs on the driveway or sidewalk. You will be amazed at the game they will come with on their own. Let them be free to explore and color. Join in with them! Teach them to hop-scotch to get them active. The great part about chalk is so you can make a mess of the driveway and then spray it down with a hose for easy cleanup.

3. Play in the Laundry

Wouldn’t it be great if your younger child helped with the laundry? Ease them into it by making laundry fun. I loved being wrapped up in a warm towel right out of the dryer. My dad would even pretend that I was laundry and fold me! It was fun as a child and makes doing laundry a blast. Get your children involved and make it fun. You might thank yourself further down the line when they are actually old enough to do their own laundry.

4. Pretend

Kids have wild and crazy imaginations. It is amazing to see the things that they will come up with. Get on all fours and pretend to be their favorite animal with them. This is a good time to teach them what noises different animals make too.

5. Play in the Yard

Go outside on a nice day and play in the yard. Go searching for different leaves. Try to find leaves that are different and leaves that are the same. Pick flowers and collect a bouquet to give to another family member. Get a ball and run around together. On a hot summer day you can even set up a kiddie pool that will entertain them for hours. Just go outside and have fun!

About the Author: Andrea Booth is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a leader in Dallas home security.  Creativity has become necessary with 10 cousins and 5 siblings to entertain!


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