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5 Foods to Help You Maintain a Youthful Appearance

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While 2019 has had its share of beauty trends, not all of them help you look great, have a luxurious mane of hair, and retain a youthful appearance. What many of these trends don’t tell you is that there are quite a few super foods out there than can help maintain a youthful look. They contain no chemicals that can harm you, and taste good to boot. Are you wondering what those superfoods might be? Read on to find out!

Dark Chocolate

If you’re looking for gifts for chocolate lovers in your life, don’t feel guilty that you’re giving them something that’s bad for them. Not if you give them dark chocolate anyway. The antioxidants in dark chocolate are known to reduce stress and blood pressure, and it has other life altering benefits as well. And of course, stress levels play a huge role in the aging process. So, the next time you’re feeling stressed or have a friend who is, gift them with some dark chocolate.

Green Tea

The health benefits in green tea, or most herbal teas for that matter, have been lauded in other countries for centuries now. A cup of green tea a day can do wonders for not only your health, but your appearance as well. The tea is said to ward off those pesky wrinkles, fight inflammation, and even increase the elasticity of the skin. In other words, drinking green tea is good for you inside and out.

Cheddar Cheese

It’s pretty well-known that cheddar cheese is one of the most popular on the market today. What many people don’t know is that the savory cheese is good for your teeth as well. This cheese raises Ph levels in your mouth and helps to fend off acid that will eat away at your enamel. That’s not all of the benefits that eating a hunk of cheddar cheese a day can bring to you, but it is certainly a great start, don’t you think? After all, retaining your pearly whites helps you maintain a youthful appearance.

Detox Water

You no longer have to put up with those puffy, dark circles under your eyes that seem to become more pronounced with each and every birthday that passes you by. They can be taken care of, or at least minimized by drinking a good amount of detox water. This combo is simply a pitcher of ice water with cut up citrus fruits, rinds included, floating in it. This combo helps to flush out toxins and improve your skin, because you’re not suffering from dehydration. Everyone knows that water is good for you, but who would have thought that adding citrus fruits, with rinds included, could improve the state of your skin and under your eyes as well?


While maybe not being as appealing to your appetite as other dishes on this list, sardines are packed chock full of bone-building calcium, something your skeletal system certainly needs. The bones in sardines are soft and entirely edible, so make sure you look for cans with them. Sorry, not eating the bones isn’t an option as that’s where all of the healthy goodness comes from.

Most people want to maintain their youthful appearance for as long as they can, but since no fountain of youth has been discovered as of yet, it’s important to eat foods that will help you maintain look you crave. These foods can do that for you, from savory to sweet. Pick up a few of them when you’re shopping today.


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