5 Compelling Reasons to Switch to Solar in 2018

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Why not make 2018 the year that you switch to solar energy? There are plenty of very good reasons out there to do so, several of which could greatly improve your quality of life.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to switch to solar this year.

The Tech is There

While solar energy has been a viable option for a while now, it wasn’t quite perfected until recently. There have historically been a number of issues that prevented people from making the change such as the fact that energy could not be stored in anyway. This meant that you would only really benefit directly from the energy if you were around at the right time to use it.

Except with a solar battery or a solar generator, that’s no longer the case. You can now store the energy and use it whenever it suits you – getting all the more benefit from it!

It’s Highly Profitable

Even if you were unable to use all the energy you generated, you would still be able to sell it back to the grid. And you’d likely still benefit from tax breaks.

Add in the amount of energy you save directly, and this becomes a very profitable choice. Don’t have the capital to invest in a solar panel array? Then consider something smaller like a solar generator or a solar battery. This can still be enough to save you considerable amounts of energy on your bills.

It’s Easier Than Ever

A few years ago, solar was still finding its footing as an industry. Many people were reluctant to be ‘early adopters’ in that sense, and a lot of the infrastructure was missing.

But as with any industry, solar has grown. There are now more solar companies, each with more experience, better warranties and greater coverage across the country. There are also more options for products that you can use and there is more information online. Standards have improved, there are plenty of reviews.

In short, this is no foray into an unknown future. Rather, this is a run-of-the-mill procedure that more and more people are choosing to go through. Better yet, many companies now offer a finance option, loans and more financial aids to help ensure even more people can afford to have solar panels and other tools installed. It’s all just easier than it ever has been before!

The Planet Needs It Now More Than Ever

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to the gradual death of the planet: to the death of the coral reefs and to the melting ice caps. It’s easy to ignore the fact that some parts of the world are seeing rises in temperature and sea levels that are making them hear-uninhabitable. It’s tempting to hope it all just goes away – to imagine that it will never get as bad as everyone is saying.

But that wouldn’t be true. The planet needs us to be conscientious now more than ever. Make the switch to solar now and it won’t be a moment too soon.

Future You Will Thank You

You know what they say: you should do something today that the future version of yourself will thank you for.

Switching to solar is definitely that. Sure, you’ll need a little while before you breakeven. But once you do, you’ll be reaping the rewards and enjoying a life that’s more sustainable and affordable. If only you’d made the switch a couple of years ago, you’d be living a far more sustainable and efficient lifestyle right now! Want to learn more you can check out the city of san diego solar program.


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