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4 Ways Using CBD Oil Helps You Get A Good Night Sleep

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Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can cause physical and psychological health problems. It makes a person irritable and feeling too tired to accomplish tasks the next day. Insomniacs, or people who cannot achieve a restful and enough hours of sleep at night, are at risk of developing obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic medical conditions.

With a holistic approach, you can attain a good night’s sleep by starting ruling out medical conditions, taking care of your body, eliminating the source of stress, modifying your bedroom atmosphere, and utilizing natural therapies and food supplements. One of the best supplements that can help you get a good night’s sleep is CBD oil.

In this post, you’ll learn more about some ways you can use CBD oil for better rest and sleep.

  1. Ingesting CBD Oil for Better Sleep

CBD oil, in its purest form, is extracted from the leaves, stems, and other parts of the hemp plant through the decarboxylation method or carbon dioxide extraction. With the help of a decarboxylation temperature chart, the proper temperature has been achieved to extract CBD without damaging other cannabinoids, including terpenes.

Ingesting full-spectrum CBD oil (CBD with other cannabinoids still present) can help you get better sleep at night because it has stress-relieving or anti-anxiety properties. While cannabidiol may not directly play a role in the sleep cycle, the stress relief it brings sets your mood and get your body ready for a relaxing sleep.

Here are the good-to-know facts about ingesting CBD oil:

  • The CBD effect inside the body, when ingested or taken in, may last for about five hours. The absolute maximum period is one week.
  • The desired effects usually occur for about two hours.
  • The onset action of ingesting CBD is dependent on the dosage, the person’s weight or body mass, and the last meal.
  • To help fight insomnia, take CBD oil orally one to two hours before you sleep.
  1. Vaping CBD Oil for Good Night Sleep 

CBD oil for vaping is now widely used by previous smokers who prefer taking CBD via inhalation. These people usually can’t tolerate ingesting CBD oil, thus they find vaping CBD more pleasurable and comfortable.

Vaping devices come in different forms. Choosing a CBD oil that’s compatible with the device is highly recommended to achieve its desired effect.

Here are the good-to-know facts about vapes and vaping CBD oil:

  • Pen-style Vapes or Disposable CBD Vape Pens: It’s a great choice for CBD vape beginners. In each vape pen, it contains a pre-filled CBD (usually at 125 mg CBD), which is made from pure CBD. Vape pens don’t need a battery and charger. It can give you up to 150 puffs.


  • Tank-style Vapes: Instead of pure CBD oil, it uses e-liquid, which is a mix of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, CBD, and flavorings. Because of its heating coils (wrapped or filled with nylon, cotton, or silica wick), it produces big clouds of smoke that you see when people vape. This vaping device is highly recommended for seasoned vapers.
  1. Sublingual Route of Taking CBD 

This mode of taking CBD oil is putting a few drops of CBD oil tincture under the tongue for faster absorption. As compared to taking CBD pills or capsules, sublingual absorption is faster and more efficient. Compared to one or two hours for it to take into effect when orally ingesting CBD oil, the peak CBD blood levels of taking CBD sublingually are typically achieved within 10 to 15 minutes.

Here’s how to take CBD oil via sublingual route:

  • Shake the CBD oil tincture well before using it. A CBD oil tincture usually comes in 10ml, 30ml, or 50ml small bottle sizes.
  • Taking CBD using the sublingual method is a straightforward and simple process. Take half a dropper or follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper dosing.
  • Deposit the CBD oil under your tongue. Leave the CBD oil tincture in the mouth for about 60 seconds for the sublingual gland to absorb the CBD.
  1. CBD Edibles 

One of the fun ways to take CBD is by infusing them into food or beverages. These are called CBD edibles. There are commercially prepared CBD edibles in the market, including CBD gummies, CBD brownies, and CBD cookies.

You can eat or drink CBD-infused food or beverages together with your regular meal. The peak levels to reach the desired effects for edibles may take three to four hours, which is just right to prepare you for sleep time, allowing you to watch your favorite TV show beforehand.

If you want to make your own CBD edibles, here are some tips and tricks to help you:

  • Choose a full-spectrum CBD product that underwent full third-party testing.
  • CBD works best in food recipes with fat, so including ingredients, like oil or butter, is highly recommended.
  • Start with a small amount of cannabidiol and increase the dose as needed. Keep in mind that CBD edibles tend to have a stronger and longer duration of effects.
  • Cook with CBD oil in savory and sweet recipes.
  • Don’t expose the CBD oil to direct heat because it’ll burn off flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. CBD starts to evaporate between 320 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ensure even distribution of CBD oil throughout the recipe by stirring it regularly.
  • Create CBD drinks by adding a few drops of CBD to your preferred beverage, such as coffee, tea, juice, or smoothie.
  • Store your leftover CBD edibles in a cool, dry place because cannabinoids are sensitive to heat and light. Overexposure may result in a degradation in potency and quality.


Achieving a good night’s sleep is very important to keep you energized and fully functional the next day. With a holistic approach in dealing with insomnia, along with taking CBD supplement, you’ll be able to prepare your body and mind better for a restful sleep.

All CBD oil products, such as oil tinctures, edibles, topical creams, and vapes, would result in the same effect. You can take CBD oil by ingesting it through the oil, capsule, or pill form. Also, you can take it under the tongue or sublingually. Other options for taking CBD oil include eating or drinking CBD-infused food and beverages.



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