4 Ways To Achieve Your Best Workout Performance

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The health benefits of exercise are numerous; from helping you control your weight, to preventing health problems such as diabetes and anxiety, and improving cognitive function. It is an essential component to improve the quality of your personal and social life and help promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

But regular workout doesn’t just mean sweating it out in the gym, outdoors or even your home. You have to streamline your workout routine, keep track of your progress and analyze where you need to put more effort. Additionally, you need to supplement your workouts with the right food and the optimal clothes to achieve your best workout experience. So if you invest a little in some key items and pay attention to certain crucial details, you can get the most out of each session.

Below we highlight some of the best ways to help boost your performance during a workout. All you need to do is incorporate these little guides to help set you up on the path to success!

Eat Right!

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. It’s not just about loading carbs, protein and healthy fats. Instead, you need to diversify your eating habits and prepare pre and post workout meals to obtain ideal results.

First off, make use of a calorie counter website or app to help you track your daily food intake. Some apps have a barcode scanner to allow you to scan the food item to automatically insert the calories. Better yet, check for one that lets you set up a food diary to regulate your nutrition intake and allows you to log in exercise data simultaneously.

Secondly, in order to avoid muscle loss and boost your energy during a workout, have a pre-workout meal at least 2 hours prior to exercising. Try including whole grains, oats or slow/complex digesting carbohydrates, buckwheat, caffeine, grilled chicken, baked salmon, tuna, tofu and legumes in your pre-workout meal.

Plan your post workout meals to ensure that you are stocking up on the essential macronutrients. To enhance recovery, don’t miss the anabolic window and aim for a post workout meal within an hour of your workout. Include sweet potatoes, eggs, avocado, brown rice, grilled chicken and whole wheat breads. Or have drinks such as chocolate milk, cherry juice or coconut water for instant energy and re-fueling.

Added to this, go for protein supplements, especially those that contain creatine and alpha-lipoic acid. You can also regularly drink black tea to balance cortisol levels in the body.

Get The Right Activewear

What you wear has a huge impact on your performance levels during a workout session. The right activewear can help encourage you to feel more confident and motivated during exercise.

Opt for activewear that doesn’t chafe your skin, and provides you with comfort, freedom of movement, and flexibility while supporting your body. Choose sport fabrics with sweat-wicking ability, such as Dri Fit, Supplex, and Coolmax. Functional clothes that have moisture wicking ability and breathability are what you should look for while shopping for activewear.

Other performance enhancing garments with latest scientific technology include products such as Omsignal’s sweat-resistant shirts containing sensors that have the ability to collect medical data such as heart rate and respiration for up to 50 hours without having the need to be recharged.

Artificial intelligence garments such as socks are also becoming smarter with tech advancements. For instance, Sensoria’s smart socks allows wearers to measure walking distance and keep track of speed and pace through special textile pressure sensors. It also allows real-time audio and visual aid to help prevent injury during strenuous exercise.

Smart shoes that are digitally connected to apps like Traq by Alegria are becoming a new trend. Such footwear have pressure sensors, internal status sensors, satellite navigation systems and inertial-magnetic measurement tools that measure various metrics such as steps, distance, speed, cadence and stride to allow for personalized feedback to analyze the wearers health and improve overall performance.

Other sportswear such as compression wear enables superior muscle oxygenation, reduces muscle fatigue and aids in strength recovery during intense workouts.

And don’t worry, these products are both functional and fashionable and come in various colors and designs to match individual preferences!

Invest In A Fitness Watch

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As the biggest trend in the health and fitness industry, a fitness watch is the ideal device to track your health and stay updated on your fitness levels. Cardiocritic reviews some of the top fitness watches on the market, explaining the various features and their use for specific kinds of exercises.

In addition to measuring your distance and counting the steps you have taken each day, fitness watches monitor your heart rate throughout the day, which can help you get ahead of any potential heart issue before it advances. Some fitness watches are even water resistant, and are gaining considerable popularity among swimmers.

Fitness watches are an incredible piece of technology that also help users regulate their sleep routines and maintain nutritional and calorie counts to promote a healthy lifestyle. With the ability to continuously track your progress in everyday life and during workouts, they are the ideal companion to sport with any outfit to maintain an active lifestyle.

Get A Fitness App

Fitness and workout apps are popping up by the day and have taken the tech and health industry by storm. They are extremely useful workout coaches and helpers that allow individuals to track their progress and meet their goals.

These apps help you measure and target your workout routines according to your individual preference, and give you a step by step guide to follow a regimented routine to reach that target. With audio cues, personalized trainers, video guides and regular stats on your workout, you are able to improve the efficiency of each exercise session, increase engagement between yourself and your body, and sweat smartly.

Some apps also allow you to track your nutritional intake, provide customized meal plans and keep track of your overall calorie intake.

Such apps are motivators in the sense that they allow you to see your progress in real time, and guide you according to whether you want to build muscle or improve your glutes. So depending on what your aim is, just download the right app and boost your workout performance.

Wrapping Up

We are positive that once you adopt these measures, you will be able to achieve your best performance during your workout.

Let us know in the comments about any other methods that have helped you achieve your best workout session!





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