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4 reasons to visit Sicily this year

Sicily is the largest Italian island, and therefore there are endless reasons you should plan your visit. From being host to famous beaches like the Calamosche beach in Syracuse, Sicily, Selinunte Sicily is renowned for the Selinunte archaeological park. Sicily has a year-round appeal with a mild climate which makes it a destination any time of the year. Here are four more reasons you should plan your trip to Sicily as your next travel destination.

  1. Sicily has the best street and seafood

Sicily is a haven for culinary delights and food, and therefore people who have sweet goodwill fit in perfectly well. You might choose to get your taste buds something from the streets, and there you will get more seafood-based dishes. The most popular menu appearances of seafood are sardines and clams. More favorite Sicily dishes are the caponata which is eggplant stew, and the pasta con le sarde, which is pasta and sardines.

There are two most robust street food scenes, which are the stuffed rice balls, known as the arancini and semi-frozen desserts with a mixture of different flavors. Take a walk through the main streets of each significant town in Sicily, and you will have a chance to take a bite of what meets your eye.

  1. Sicily’s wine tradition

The wine tradition in Sicily has led to Sicily getting to the top of the epicurean map with its diverse wine landscape. The most favourite wine areas in Sicily include Nero d’Avola, which produces a solid red compared to syrah and makes from the Zibiddo grapes. The best Sicilian wines come from the slopes of Mount Etna, where it is the residence of the resilient winemakers that use unpredictable brave conditions and make the most enjoyable wines in all of Italy. All visitors should check out the Etna wines from the Graci, Ciro Biondi and the Tascante vineyards.

  1. Sicily’s golden sandy beaches

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island, and therefore it is home to the most spectacular and extensive shoreline and best Italian beaches. The Sicily beaches are less crowded than those of the Amalfi coast, which offers a more homely and less tourist feel. The tourist highlights and most visited coastal areas are the small islet in Taormina, the black sand beaches in Vulcano, and the Isola Bella. The best way to enjoy the coast is to rent a car and drive along the ocean coasts.

  1. Sicily’s villa accommodation

Sicily has been by far the best holiday destination that has the most luxurious villas in Italy. There are villas throughout Sicily that will offer a great view of the beaches and hills, depending on your preference. If you love natural surroundings, then you might want to choose a converted farmhouse that has a view of the hills and has a pool in it. For people travelling for a family vacation or getting a villa, family-friendly villas accommodate everyone. 

You can get a feel of the buzz of Italian life by choosing a townhouse as your accommodation which is a walking distance of the heart of the town. Each of the villas you decide to live in during your vacation has that wow factor that will leave you feeling exceptional and having the most fun relaxation you need.


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