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3 Ways To Help Cope With An Unplanned Pregnancy

People respond to unplanned pregnancies in different ways and no response is better than the other. Some adjust to the unexpected addition and make room to accommodate the baby after birth, while others may decide otherwise. 

Regardless of the context or circumstance in which the unexpected pregnancy happens, the fact remains that one is met with various emotions and thoughts. That being said, here are some ways to cope with an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Engage Adoption Services 

Adoption services are there to offer guidance for parents that may consider adoption once the child is born. Engaging in such services is one way that may help you cope with an unplanned pregnancy. Knowing that your baby will be able to find a family that can provide, care, and nurture them may give peace of mind. By having this state, you may ensure that the baby is properly nurtured to the best of your ability while in the womb.

Adoptions from the Heart is a platform where you can engage in supportive material that may guide you through the various dynamics of adoption. You’ll need such material and services as a support structure during the time that you carry your child all the way to the point of adoption.

  • Adjust Financially

Being pregnant comes with financial responsibilities. For instance, you have to pay for medical services required during your pregnancy, such as fetus scans, blood pressure readings, iron count processes, and periodic general check-ups. You’ll also have to register at a birthing center or hospital that requires you to pay a deposit and clear the bill once the baby is born. Not to forget that you need a healthy and balanced diet as a way of taking care of yourself and the baby. 

The fact that the pregnancy was unplanned may mean that you weren’t ready financially. Here are some ways that you can adjust financially for the duration of your pregnancy:

  • Eliminate the expenses that aren’t considered necessities, such as cable television.
  • Cut back on luxuries, such as travel, for that period.
  • Cook as many meals at home as you can as opposed to buying take out.
  • Find ways to make money online, such as coupon shopping and selling items online.
  • Rent out a room if you have space in your house.
  • Rent out your yard space to those who want to garden but don’t have space to do so.
  • Purchase maternity clothes from the thrift store compared to buying brand new.

You can take into account your current expenses and get as creative as possible so you’ll be able to save money that’ll be diverted into pregnancy expenses.

  • Self-Care

Whether planned or unplanned, pregnancy can be an emotional, mental, and physical struggle on some days. Your hormones will be imbalanced and contribute to feelings of sluggishness, depression, and fatigue. 

Women respond differently to the hormonal imbalance that occurs during pregnancy. However, the one fact that remains is that some days are better than others. It’s, therefore, important for you and your baby’s health to practice self-care. 

Self-care is the intentional practice of balancing your body, mind, and soul. You can explore different ways to self-care, such as reading, taking a warm bath, meditating, practicing yoga, taking a walk, or simply having a pleasant discussion with a friend.


Coping with an unplanned pregnancy requires being mindful and intentional. You can engage adoption services and material to help you prepare to give your child to a family if you decide to take that route. You should also adjust financially to accommodate for the expenses that come with pregnancy. Make sure to practice self-care for mental, physical, and emotional wellness.


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