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11 Gifts for the Man in Your Life This Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching — have you started your shopping yet? You might find yourself in more of a crunch than in previous years, with supply-chain issues leaving store shelves empty in some areas.

What if you need more time to find the perfect gift? We’ve got you covered when it comes to your male partner, relative or boss. Here are 11 gifts for the man in your life this holiday season that are sure to please any taste and price point.


1. A Quality Folding Knife

A pocketknife is something nearly man carries, but the flimsy versions you find at many discount and convenience stores serve little good. They’re more likely to result in injury when your special guy tries to use the blade for its intended purpose and finds it too dull.

However, a genuine Damascus steel blade won’t lose its sharpness over time. If you have deeper pockets, seek those with mother-of-pearl or coral handles. This clever gift is one your man will love to show off.

2. A Set of Touch Lamps

Do you and your mate spend significant time apart?  Don’t you wish you could let them know how often they cross your mind?

Now you can, with a set of touch lamps that light up when either party lays a finger on them. You can cycle through a rainbow with a tap or even assign special colors to different family members to let them know you care without ever picking up the phone.

3. A Brew Bottle

Does that special guy in your life refuse to rise and shine until they’ve had their fifth cup of java? They could end up dropping a bundle at their local shop. Why not help them save money with a Soma brew bottle that makes brewing gourmet wake-me-ups a breeze?

The device comes with a double-walled glass bottle, a strainer and a spill-proof lid. All you have to do is add grounds or tea leaves to the strainer, pour over hot water, and you have the perfect cuppa in minutes.

4. A Mini Dashcam

Why would you want a dashcam if you aren’t a law enforcement officer? The recorded evidence comes in handy with your insurer if you get in a crash. Plus, the best models can help you avoid an accident, signaling you when you lane-drift or get too close to the car ahead of you.

Some models hook to your phone via WiFi, while others offer viewing screens. Either version can keep the special man in your life safer on the highway.

5. A Portable Campfire

Does your man spend most weekends exploring the great outdoors? Maybe he just needs to step outside to get away from uncomfortable holiday table chatter — but baby, it’s cold outside.

Keep him cozy on his adventures to the wild or the back porch with a portable campfire device to warm his chilly paws. Some models fold up, making them convenient to carry, and most take up little space.

6. A 3-in-1 Charging Stand

Smart devices like iPhones, Apple watches and Airpods keep you connected while on the go. They can do everything from monitoring your health to letting you drown out the sound of a crying infant on a plane — but only if they have sufficient juice.

Keep the man in your life fully loaded with a 3-in-1 charging stand. Many models use no wires at all, keeping his nightstand less cluttered.

7. An Indoor Putting Green

Has your man missed hitting the links as often as he’d like during the pandemic? Perhaps he wants to boost his productivity, and taking the occasional brain-break can help.

Delight your man with an indoor putting green for his office — or his WAH space. The gentle exercise will stimulate blood flow to his neurons when he takes a much-needed rest from that budget report.

8. A Foosball Cooler

Do you want the best of two Sunday recreation favorites in one outstanding gift? Gift your favorite man a creative foosball cooler and watch his eyes sparkle.

You decide if you want to throw in a six-pack or two of his favorite beverage. The only other thing you need to do is kick back and enjoy game day Sunday, complete with suds and recreation.

9. An Apple Watch

Does the special guy in your life need to monitor his heart health? If so, why not delight him with an Apple Watch this holiday season, complete with an ECG monitor?

According to a recent report in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 can produce comparable results to a standard ECG. This innovation can be a game-changer for folks who might otherwise have to wear a bulky device with multiple leads under their clothes.

10. A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If your man lives for music, why not let him take his tunes anywhere? Delight him with a portable Bluetooth speaker that can really crank out the bass.

These devices are invaluable for fitness instructors who teach in non-traditional locations. If the pandemic took your trainer out of the gym and into the great outdoors, this gift can help him keep his class momentum going with terrific music.

11. A Poliglu

Does the special someone in your life work in a field where they often encounter folks from around the globe? Help him decipher their tongue with a Poliglu, a device that can translate up to 43 different languages.

All the user needs to do is speak into the microphone. Within seconds, the device translates the foreign language. It’s spectacular for international travelers who may need to ask strangers for directions to the nearest coffee shop or embassy.

Delight the Man in Your Life This Holiday Season With These 11 Gifts

It’s smart to get your shopping done early this year. Delight the man in your life this holiday season with these 11 gifts.


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