Why will you snore more as you get older and how to prevent it

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Have you started snoring lately? It doesn’t bother you so much, nor your partner. You don’t produce loud sounds and your sleep quality is good. But, you should be aware that this is the beginning. If you don’t have a stuffed nose or an allergy, chances are high that you are slowly becoming an active snorer. Do you know some people who snore for years?

Or, even better, have you slept in the same room with a long-term snorer? This is, my dear, your destiny also. Still, if you notice the problem on time and are willing to solve it, then you still have chances.

Why do we say this? Because snoring only gets worse over the years. If you don’t snore hard now, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t in a few months. Lucky you, if you are reading this article that means that you started snoring lately. There is a hope for all snorers beginners out there. We will show you how to avoid losing control over snoring.

  • Snoring can start at any age. Even some kids snore. However, it is more likely among the man’s population over 30.
  • Snoring is a throat issue.
  • We don’t snore when we are awake. That way, we have control over our body and breathing. Yet, when we fall asleep, we lose that control and our breathing gets disrupted.
  • The amount of air you breathe in is faced with the narrow throat and airways. That induces turbulence and vibration inside the throat.

Will you snore more as you get older?

It depends. People usually gain some weight over the years. It doesn’t have to be a significant gain, but still, there is a chance that the fat deposits “attack” your throat. It will get narrower, meaning there will be less space for the normal airflow. On the other side, the muscle tone is an important factor. Tongue and throat have muscles also. Muscles tone will also decrease in time.

When you put together poor muscle tone and the narrow throat, chances are pretty high that you will snore more. Not only that you will snore more, but the intensity of it will become high. Long-term snoring is usually compared to the sound of a chainsaw.

How to prevent the “chainsaw” outcome?

Don’t ever ignore the problem. If you started snoring lately, it is about time to have some fun with the treatment. There are many things that you can do to help yourself.

  1. Control your weight. It would be great if you have a beam scale. We won’t say that you have to do this every day, but occasional measuring is completely okay. Make sure your weight is constant.
  2. Lose some weight. If you noticed your pants and shirts got tighter, it is about time to go on a diet. However, don’t be strict with yourself. Lessen the intake of the junk food, sparkling water, too salty or spicy food and be careful with the carbs.
  3. Exercise. Control the daily intake, but activate yourself a bit. Go for a walk. Take your dog with you and run around the park with him. Play with your kids in the garden. Go to swimming on weekends. There are many activities you can do if you aren’t a gym fan.
  4. Buy a mouthpiece. As you are a snoring beginner, chances are great that you can prevent it. A mouthpiece is a perfect help in an early phase of snoring, especially if you snore while sleeping on your back. There are many snoring device reviews. When you read some of these, it will be clear to you that you should invest a minimal effort and still get rid of snoring.

It doesn’t have to mean that you will gain weight as you get older. However, the older population has that tendency because they are not as active as they were. Even if you don’t snore too hard, it would be best to erase it completely. Every problem has its solution, and the early snoring can be easily maintained.



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