Why you Need to Investigate and Do Leak Detection in Your Building 

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Having untreated water leaks in your building could have devastating consequences. Water leaks can destroy buildings if undetected no matter the composition of the material used to build the structure. It is a known fact that water leaks eat into the foundation of a building. 

Dripping water pipes or burst pipes will lead to having a waterlogged basement which may have its fair share of problems. It is often advisable to call your local plumber when you notice something wrong and when the situation is out of hand you can always seek professional help from professional plumbing companies.  They will investigate and do leak detection and save you from a lot of trouble. 

Here are some reasons why you need to be on the constant lookout for water leaks:

  • High utility bills 

The world is facing a constant threat of pollution and global warming. This means that water is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity. This has led to a significant increase in water bills. A leak in your building will see your water consumption increase and subsequently your bills will increase as well. 

This will be hard on almost anybody especially if you are struggling financially. In the worst case, you fail to detect this early and the leak requires that you have to add additional waterproofing treatments that are expensive.  You must take steps to investigate your building for any signs of leakages to avoid this burden on your finances. 

  • High maintenance costs 

Water leaks will destroy everything on their path. The damage to walls and floors could be irreversible. Contact with wires could also lead to a potential fire hazard that could result in loss of property. If you are on a limited budget you should do regular checkups on your water pipes to ensure that none of them is leaking. 

The signs to look out for include:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Sagging ceilings 
  • Damaged floorings 
  • Peeling paint 
  • Strange noise from your plumbing equipment

Any sign of these means immediate attention. This will save you the high maintenance costs that come with water leaks. 

  • Risk to Building’s Structure 

Water leaks will weaken the structure of the building. Do not assume that since your building is made of steel or concrete then it cannot be affected. Constant humidity and waterlogging will speed up the corrosion of steel and thus weaken your building as the steel starts to rot. 

This will create an unsafe living environment, especially in harsh weather conditions. Take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that your building is safe from water leaks to prevent these kinds of issues in the future. 

  • A hazard to human life 

Water leaks mean a perfect environment for the growth of mold and mildew. These will start to form when the building’s structure begins to rot. When left unchecked, the strains manifest into bacteria. The bacteria will then begin to release harmful toxins into the air. 

Hazardous air can result in various issues for some people. Some bacteria are known to cause breathing problems, allergies among other related health issues. As they say, prevention is better than cure. 

To keep your plumbing systems durable, there are some plumbing mistakes you should avoid. Here is a quick run-down of common mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Failing to turn off the water

Make sure that you properly turn off the taps. This will prevent you from incurring those costly bills. You are also able to prevent damage on floors and flooding of your home. Make a habit of double-checking to ensure everything is properly locked. 

  • Do not use a chemical drain cleaner 

The chemical drain cleaner will sure unclog and clear the drain but it affects the galvanized plumbing system leading to corrosion. Using this regularly will corrode your pipes and will in turn make them leaky.  The safest way to clean your drains would be to use natural products such as warm water or vinegar. 

  • Connecting copper wires and galvanized pipes 

Copper wires and galvanized pipes do not work well together. Connecting them will speed the corrosion. Having corroded components will lead to a host of problems. While replacing any damaged parts ensure that these two materials are not fit together. 

Use a dielectric union to ensure that the copper and galvanized wires do not come into contact with each other. 

  • Do not force a stuck shutoff valve 

Valves often become stuck if left for a long time in the same position. Trying to forcefully open these valves could result in the knob getting knocked off resulting in a valve stem breakage. If a valve is stuck try spraying some oil to lubricate it and then try turning. If this does not work you can seek professional services to help you out. 

You must observe all safety measures and avoid mistakes that might prove costly in the end. Do not assume any signs as ignorance could lead to very costly consequences. Call professional services to fix your leaks to ensure your home is safe. 



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