Why League of Legends is worth playing in 2021?

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MOBA stands for “Multiplayer online battle arena” and whenever someone mentions MOBA games, there is one game that always comes to mind and that is “League of Legends”. 

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After its inception in 2009, this free to play game gained worldwide popularity and the popularity index has been growing ever since. A research by Agha Brandon discovered that the highly addictive strategic gameplay and the urge to master their skill set of champions is the key reason for the increased interest of players in the game. According to statista.com, the popularity of the game lies among all age groups with 40% of the gamers belonging to the age group of 25-34.

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How is League of Legends (LOL) better than rest of the MOBA Games?

Multiplayer online mobile arena (MOBA) is a rapidly growing meta because of its sophisticated and more strategic gameplay compared to the traditional first-person shooters (FPS). In this regard, League of Legends (LOL) stands tall among the rest of the MOBA games and possesses a competitive advantage over them in terms of lively colors and inventive character design. Due to a somewhat similarity in the gameplay, the game is always compared to the arch-rival Dota 2 but the following google trend clearly shows the superiority of LOL in terms of player interest over Dota 2.

Impact of COVID19 on gaming and LOL:

Online games have hit a new high ever since the outbreak of COVID19. The unavailability of outdoor activities has turned the attention of people towards online entertainment activities and online gaming has benefitted the most from it. The ease of access to online games from the comfort of their own home supported by the already established trends towards the gaming industry as a source of the entertainment has grown manifolds in the widespread global epidemic. According to statistica.com, the player base during the pandemic has increased by an overwhelming number of 20%. 

Should you invest in LOL in 2021?

Well to answer that question, first of all, let us just establish what we have to invest in the game. In terms of money, you don’t need to invest it in the sense that the game is absolutely free to play. However, the in-game purchases to unlock the super abilities of champions will definitely be there. The question is, “Is it worth making the in-game purchases?” and the answer is “Absolutely Yes! It is”. The second question “Is it worth investing your time in it?” and the answer again is “Yes, it really is.”. 

But hold on, don’t take my word for it, the following graph shows the popularity of LOL in 2021 has had an exponential rise.

All these stats point towards the fact that if one is an online gaming lover, League of Legends is definitely a must-try for them. So what are you waiting for?


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