Why Gift-Giving Requires Some Careful Planning

Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts. This is why gift-giving planning is so important.  This is probably why gifts have become such a prominent part of our traditions. Gifts are a physical way of showing someone how important they are to you, but they can also be so much more. For example, if you get someone something that has to do with a specific interest of theirs or something they mentioned offhand in a conversation, you’re showing them that you take an interest in what they care about, too. Plus, you’re showing your devotion to listening carefully to what they share with you.

With that in mind, it makes sense that you should take some time to plan before going shopping for someone close to you. The best gift is something they need and want but wouldn’t buy for themselves because they see it as a luxury. Show them that they don’t have to go without—not while you’re around. There’s a better option than depriving themselves of the item they crave, whether they want some new petite maxi dresses or a gaming chair with great lumbar support and comfy armrests. It doesn’t matter how disparate their interests are; what counts is that you have them squarely in your mind while you’re shopping. Let’s take a moment to think about a few gift scenarios in which planning counts more than ever.

It would help if you personalized gaming chairs to a specific need.

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Let’s say that you’re buying for the gamers in your life. That’s great! Gamers need plenty of gear in their gaming space to really play well, and there’s plenty to buy in this realm. Gaming keyboards, a gaming mouse, and even a great monitor so that they don’t miss out on any of the action—all of these are great choices. All of these come with specific features that need to be considered, like backlighting and optic qualities.

If you’ve decided to go with a gaming chair, though, that takes even more consideration. The best gaming chair brands are clearly more than just an office chair, although they have many similarities. You will use a gaming chair for long periods of gameplay in a row, which means that you need something with great lumbar support for proper posture. Also, consider a gaming chair with a headrest and armrests. After all, this gaming chair is a gift, and it should allow the gamers you love to feel as comfortable as possible while gaming. Read reviews about the best gaming chairs and pay close attention to ergonomics and how comfortable the backrest is as you do so.

Think carefully about any fashion-related purchases for gift-giving.

Buying fashion and accessories may seem like an easy thing to do, but that’s not really true. You really have to get into the mind and preferences of the recipient before buying a maxi dress, a jacket, or even a t-shirt. When you spend time with them, keep an eye out for what kinds of accessories and fabrics they favor. Are they into mesh fabric in a solid color? Or maybe they’re into bright prints and colors? If you get them a maxi dress and they prefer mini-skirts instead of a maxi, you’ve gotten the wrong care package for your loved one. If you’re perusing accessories and dresses, think of your friend’s body type. Wait until you see something on the hanger that feels like your friend should own it. That’s how you know that you’ve found a gift that’s a solid pick, something your pal will be sure to love.

Gamers take their weapons seriously, and so should you.

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Let’s talk about gamers again for a minute. If you’re not into a gaming chair or monitor but instead want to equip them with the best weapon for the game they love (such as Apex Legends), this takes planning as well. First, consider the weapons they already have. The best weapon is, after all, one they don’t have yet—don’t get a shotgun if they have one, get an assault rifle instead.

Then, consider the actual game in question. The best weapon for a gamer playing Apex Legends is specific to the Apex Legends world. You’ll want to read reviews of the best guns in Apex, specifically if the person you’re shopping for is an Apex Legends fan. As you’re reading those reviews, consider things like ammo, whether the weapon is good for close range or not, and if it has a sight for precision. If your pal is a pro, these things will matter. A longbow differs greatly from a shotgun or a sniper rifle. Try to feel what they really need in conversations to be sure you’re buying the best weapon for their specific gameplay needs.

Is a fruit-of-the-month subscription really a great choice for gift-giving?

Subscriptions are fun, but just because something is your top pick doesn’t make it the best option for someone else. Subscriptions last for long periods of time, so don’t get something they’ll end up dreading as it arrives every month. For one person, book of the month is best. For another, a cooking kit is better for your gift-giving. This gift takes more consideration than just thinking about whether you’ll get free shipping. Consider what the best option is for your needs.

Whether you’re buying the best gun or a durable chair with a great footrest and armrest combination, giving the best gift takes some planning. Use these tips, and enjoy the rest of your gift-giving journey.


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