Why Chicago is a Fantastic Place for Tourists

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Chicago is the city that has it all: breathtaking buildings, incredible cuisine, and plenty of art, culture, history, and more! This city really has something for everyone, and for all ages. Still not convinced? Check out some of our favorite reasons to make the trip to the Second City.

Famous Food

The foodie in your life will be sure to have sensory overload on their taste buds with the many food choices Chicago has. With deep-dish pizza, Italian beef, Chicago-style hotdogs, and food from every culture, you definitely won’t be hungry while you’re here.

Diverse Neighborhoods

You can travel the world without ever leaving the city. Chicago has roughly 77 neighborhoods (depending on who you ask), all with their own specific feel. With large communities of Latinos, Italians, Irish, and many more, visiting these internationally influenced neighborhoods is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture.

Top-Notch Beer Scene

We take beer seriously here in Chicago. With breweries like Lagunitas, Revolution, Hopewell, and many more, there is beer from all hops of life. Most of the breweries serve food too, so it’s a perfect way to spend an evening out.

Lake Michigan

What’s better than a city with a beach? You get the luxury of city life while being able to escape reality for a little bit by the shore or on the water. Lake Michigan is a great way to experience urban surf and turf. There are plenty of beach-side bars, too. Some of the music festivals in the city happen on the beach, making the atmosphere for a warm summer evening full of entertainment.

Architecture Galore

The architecture guru in your life is sure to be familiar with the scene in Chicago. From the structure to the stories behind the buildings, there is infinite knowledge to be had on why our city looks the way it does. Hop on an architectural boat tour to see the city from another view, or head over to the SkyDeck!

Fantastic Public Transportation

One of the many great things about Chicago is that you don’t really need to rent a car while you’re visiting because of the accessibility of our public transportation. Between the ‘L’ system and the buses, you’re able to get to where you need to go without the hassle of driving on your own. If public transport isn’t your thing, Uber and Lyft can get you where you need to go. If you’d rather get a more scenic view of the city, there are plenty of bikes you can rent and cruise on two wheels.

Show-Stopping Music Scene

Notable artists like Lupe Fiasco, Common, Kanye West, Green Velvet, Earth, Wind & Fire, Wilco, Fall Out Boy, and so many more got their start in Chicago. House music emerged here in the 1980s, getting its name from a nightclub called Warehouse. We have the Chicago Blues Festival every summer. We also host the famous Lollapalooza in Grant Park. You’ll be able to catch a show of almost any genre, any night of the week.



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