Why All Parents Like Me Should Consider Donating to Save Our Children of the Future.


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Before we begin with the bulk of this post, I think it’s important we get the issue of racism out of the way. If you don’t see the child pictured above as a member of your own family, your view is far too blinkered, and you need to seriously reassess the way in which you look at the world. Maybe a short history lesson would make things a little clearer? Okay, well, going back a few million years into the evolution of life on earth, we see that sea-dwelling organisms left their natural habitat and crawled onto the land. Eventually, they evolved into life forms capable of staying on the land permanently.

Fast forward a million or so years into the future, and these life forms evolved into neanderthal man, who eventually become the first human ever to exist. Guess where this first human lived? America? England? No…Africa! That means you, and every single one of your ancestors came from that particular continent. The very idea anyone should care less for the people who inhabit this area of the world is incredibly ignorant, and as we love tradition so much in the west, it goes against everything we stand for. Hopefully, now you see how important it is that we do everything we can to look after our brothers and sisters, regardless of their nationality, colour or creed.

Children suffer the most in impoverished countries, and so this article will highlight some of the reasons why you should consider donating and putting children first with Unicef or another credible organisation.

You Would Expect The Same

Imagine if people in the UK and the US were dying from curable diseases and a lack of clean drinking water, wouldn’t you expect the rest of the world to help? In fact, I imagine you’d be shocked and disturbed if they didn’t right? Well, that’s exactly what’s been going on in Africa since slavery was abolished in the1800’s, yet you’re currently doing nothing to assist these people.

Those Children Are Yours Too

As a parent, could you honestly look one of your children in the eyes and tell them you’ve decided to let their brother starve to death because you can’t be bothered to look after him? I’ll wager the answer to that one is no. Okay, well, how about their cousin then? Could you seriously tell your child their cousin will be allowed to die because you refuse to give him/her clean drinking water? Probably not, but where is the line drawn? How distant do your relatives have to become before you don’t mind allowing them to die? As I explained a moment ago, the people in Africa ARE our relatives.

To Do Nothing Is A Crime Against Humanity

Nobody is asking you to sell all your possessions and move to Africa to look after these children yourself. All you’re being asked to do is donate a few pounds each month that you would probably end up spending on alcohol anyway. How uncaring must a person be if they decide not to save the lives of millions of people, but to spend an afternoon satisfying their own urges and desires in the local pub? Surely this is a no-brainer?

Anyway, I’ve got to head off now, but I’ll leave you to think about all that, and hopefully, you’ll make the right decision over the next couple of weeks. It’s sad to say, but if we don’t do anything, the next generation are likely to follow suit.

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2 thoughts on “Why All Parents Like Me Should Consider Donating to Save Our Children of the Future.

  • When I look at this child pictured above I just want to pick him up and embrace him so tightly as if he were one of mine. I thank God that I am able to eat and my children as well. For that could be my family and I in the exact situation. I have to agree with your post totally. If everyone gave a little to help these people without the basic necessities nobody in the world would be starving!

    • That’s all we need to do is just give a little. We waste so much and if we just took a moment to help others the reward would be so overwhelming just by seeing the smiles on those children face.


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