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Which Type of Air Filter is perfect for Your Home?

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People tend to think that indoor air is clean and pure and is generally free from dust. However, that is not always true. There are different kinds of dust particles, toxins, and allergens which we carry from outside when we enter a home or when we keep our doors and windows open.  The naked eye does not see them and therefore remains in the air that you inhale. To help purify the air indoors, air filters are the answer.

Even though there are different filters designed differently, one thing is common among them. They are designed to trap toxins, dust, and other allergens and kill bacteria that float through the air. Different filters have varying degrees of efficiency.  While some filters only block dirt and dust, there are others, more advanced ones capable of preventing minute particles like fibers, pet dander, smoke particles, etc.

To choose the ideal air filter for your home, you need to understand the different types of filters available, their features, and select the best one as per your requirement.

Different Types of Filters

  • Fiberglass Filters 

These are the least expensive and the most popular filters available in the market. These are mats made of highly porous fiberglass and work for residential furnaces and air conditioners. Their primary function is to block the debris that might damage the system parts like fans, blades, motor, etc. These are disposable and have to be changed once a month or so.

  • Polyester 

These have similar designs and features but are considered an effective alternative to fiberglass filters due to their superior dust-stopping ability.

  • HEPA Filters

If you or someone in your home is prone to allergies, the HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air is just what you need. True to its name, these air filters are known to block even the finest dust particles or allergens. It’s a mechanized device that operates through a mesh that collects all the dust particles. Almost all Air Purifiers have HEPA filters in them.

Choosing the Right Air Filter

It is essential to choose the right air filter for your home. However, it can be intimidating considering there are several factors to consider: size, the type of filter, air system, location, etc.

Your air filter has to be the right size; else, it will lose its effectiveness. A filter that is too tight or too big will put undue pressure on the air system. The thickness of the filter is also essential.

The thickness typically ranges from one to four inches. The thicker, the better will be its effectiveness in filtering dust particles. Air quality requirement is another factor, although based on individual demand and health needs.

If you or anybody in your house is allergic to dust or pollen, choosing a filter to keep those allergens at bay would be the right decision.

It is crucial to choose the right filter based on your needs. Assess your requirements, consider all the different types of available filters, and choose the best one as per your needs. Just remember to change it at regular intervals to avoid undue pressure on the air system.



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