What’s It Like to Live a Camper Lifestyle Full-Time?

If you find that wanderlust is ever present for you, you just may have thought of living in a camper full time. You can see it so clear, roaming the country and sleeping wherever you find the perfect tree. Or maybe you just want the flexibility of discovering new towns, new people and new experiences on a whim. Whatever drives your interest in living a camper lifestyle, there are definitely some things you may want to know about before diving headfirst into the lifestyle. There’s a little more nuance to it than you may realize. So, let’s strap in and explore what it’s like living in a camper full-time.


In order to live a camper lifestyle, it helps to have flexible employment. This could be a remote job, self-employment or a traveling gig. You’ll need some source of income if you plan on buying one of the many styles of pop up trailers for sale. Working is a major part of modern living, but a nomadic camper lifestyle will be difficult if you can’t have a flexible job. Because the RV lifestyle is more of a minimalist approach to living, you can save more money, right your finances, spend less and more. 


Life in a camper means that you’ll have to envision the way you think about amenities. You’ll need to use laundromats, plumbing will be completely different or non-existent in some areas so, a camping commode will be necessary. You’ll also need to reevaluate the way you use water. If your work is reliant on an Internet connection, you may find that certain areas are not so great on connectivity while others are excellent. Electricity is also a must. Having a generator or access to solar power will make you more comfortable and allow you to access the Internet, which is typically a must for remote work. 


Although living life in a camper can seem lonely, it doesn’t have to be. Don’t be afraid to get out and mingle. Campsites are full of fresh new faces to interact with. Joining a camper and RV club can also link you to a community. It’s true that living the camper lifestyle won’t always have you near to friends and family but making new friends and finding new roads is part of the experience. One of the great things about this lifestyle is the freedom it gives you to go visit friends and family who may not be proximal to you when you were stationary. 

Trading in your home for a camper is a big transition to make. If you enjoy travel and adventure, then this can certainly be the move for you. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to create new habits in order for the lifestyle to work for you. Although the outdoors is vast and wide, inside your camper or RV is not. If you have pets, make sure to make provisions for them as well.


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