What Zodiac Signs Are Most Compatible With Scorpio?

Finding love is a journey, and visiting an astrology chart reader can set you on the right path. When you know more about your Scorpio characteristics, you can find a partner who compliments you. To help you on your quest, here’s everything you need to know about Scorpios in love.

How Libra Pairs With Each Scorpio Sign

Libra and Scorpio are both sun signs, which means running hot and maybe a little spicy. Interaction between these two is explosive and leaves both excited to be together. Libras can keep the emotional and physical separate, however this is rarely enough for Scorpios.

Scorpios’ intensity means it’s all or nothing where love is concerned. This fast pace may be too much for Libras, who may struggle to put on the brakes. While both signs’ strong loyalty can be romantic, it may also trap each in a relationship that feeds their worst traits.

How Taurus Pairs With Scorpio

The steady Taurus is an excellent balance for Scorpio’s fiery disposition, but it’s a relationship that takes work. Both signs are proud and stubborn, which means everything is great if they agree. If opinions differ, it’s like the wind trying to move a mountain.

However, loyalty is a major trait of both signs, which means Taurus and Scorpio have a foundation to make their relationship work. If Taurus can set aside its defensiveness and Scorpio can let go of its guarded nature; then these two can have a rock-solid, loving relationship.

Scorpios are intensely physical, and Taurus’s are one of the few signs that can match their love of intimacy, which is one department the two signs are on the same page.

Love and Relationships

Every star sign has significant features that affect relationships, though these may manifest differently depending on the person. If you’re not familiar with your zodiac sign, medium readings can help you identify which traits have the most impact. For Scorpios, that’s passion, loyalty and secretiveness.


Scorpios are passionate to a fault, which makes courtship a whirlwind of grand gestures and intimacy. However, this intensity never takes a break, which means arguments can be just as explosive.


Scorpios fall hard and fast. They develop stalwart loyalty much quicker than other signs, which some can find overbearing. When paired with insatiable curiosity, this trait drives Scorpios to learn every detail about their partners’ lives.


As much as Scorpios like to learn about their partners, they avoid sharing their own secrets. This secretiveness can make some zodiacs feel stonewalled. However, this failure to reciprocate doesn’t mean Scorpios aren’t invested in the relationship — they’re just very internal people.

Since they’re one of the most confident signs, they don’t seek validation from outside sources. Ideal partners are attracted to this confidence and interpret Scorpios’ secretiveness as an intriguing mystery.

Scorpios are primed for spiritual exploration, so psychic readers are an excellent resource for this star sign. Whether you’re looking for a love medium or a missing persons psychic, you can find a guide to help you understand what the universe is trying to tell you.



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