What to do in Atlanta on this Christmas?

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Atlanta is a developed country in the center of the American South. Today, Atlanta has cultural, economic and commercial importance in the world. Atlanta’s airports are the busiest in the world. Being a historical and fascinating place, it is a major tourist destination. Thousands of people visit here every year for tourism and enjoy the best of places like museums, gardens, and fast-food restaurants, etc.

Here are interesting places like Junior Birth, Children’s Activities, Focus Theatre, and a great restaurant that serves the world’s delicious dishes. International famous businesses like Coca-Cola’s headquarters are here. Besides the vents and celebration, there are some of the best Atlanta attractions to include in your bucket list. Apart from the locals, people from all over the world come here and celebrate Christmas festivals with their loved ones.

Events Celebration at Atlanta

Christmas is the biggest event in Atlanta. Christmas celebrated vigorously there. Roads, parks, and trees well decorated, and the music nights are organized there. Children, elders, and young people all express affection for each other by offering generous gifts. The New Year welcomed grandly at Atlanta. People especially book places on the last evening of the year to celebrate this special moment with their loved ones. Besides that, events like Easter, Good Friday and epiphany are celebrated with great devotion in Atlanta.

Places for a visit to make your moment memorable

Atlanta makes the best of your life moments. Whether it is family, couples, or young people, the attractions here give you a never-forgettable vacation. On religious festivals, especially large numbers of people visit these places because festivals celebrated here with great respect and enthusiasm. Here are some famous places in Atlanta, preferred by most people.

  • Stone Mountain Park Atlanta

Stone Mountain Park is a unique entertainment destination in Atlanta, where millions of people visit every year. The park is full of natural beauty. It has tons of attractions places like two championship golf courses, Laser Show, Marriott hotels and a campground in it. There are lots of fun activities like biking, hiking and other activities to do. Annual events like a summer at the Rock, Native American Festival, new year celebration, Snowy Mountains, Christmas, Yellow Daisy Festival, and Pow Wow are celebrated with great zeal. Famous things about Stone Mountain Park are following;

  • Laser Show Spectacular

With digital graphics, colorful flames and sparks make the visitors amazed.

  • Events and Festivals at Stone Mountain Park

Events like Stone Mountain games event, Summer at the rock, Pumpkin festival, POW WOW event, Snow mountain, Christmas day, new year night and Labor-day Celebrations are wonderfully celebrated there.

  • Dining at Stone Mountain Park

Restaurants like base camp BBQ, big rock café, campfire grill, compass point café, Granite café serve with delicious taste.

  • Shopping at Stone Mountain Park

Adventure Centre, Glow carts, JJ Madox General store, Memorial Hall gifts and Yellow Daisy glass and craft serve with different and unique varieties.

Other attractions at Stone Mountain Park 

Some fun places that mostly attract families and children are the following.

  • Summit SkyDrive
  • Camp Highland Outpost
  • Stone Mountain Museum
  • Farmyard at Historical Square
  • Mega Bugs
  • Rockin Land and Lake Tour
  • Scenic Railroad
  • Sky hike
  • Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

Taking a tour of history, we will also get to know a great personality like Martin Luther. He was born in Auburn Avenue in a modest house. The king grew up here and then became a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Being the characteristic of leadership, he became the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in 1955. He was an important voice of equal rights for American citizens and famous for controlling injustice.

The King’s burial place has been made a National Historical Park. Anyone who visits for a visit to Atlanta must visit this historic place. The first comer is first given a tour of this attraction and quiet place.

  • Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta

Centennial Olympic Park is not only the legacy of the 1996 Olympic Games but also a wonderful place for a tourist. There are lots of activities for tourists, local visitors or couples coming here. It makes your special moments or events memorable. There is a concert after lunch, in which local artists perform pop, rock and all kinds of music. The annual famous festivals such as the Sweetwater 420 Festival, the 4th of July celebration, Shaky Knees Music Festival, Lights and Ice-Skating Rink holiday are well organized. Beside it, the Splash, a Fountain of Ring is a big fountain with Olympic colors where all ages of people do great fun. Overall, this is the perfect place for those who enjoy life.


Miracle bar is the pop-up restaurant in Atlanta. Here special events like new year evening and Christmas are well organized. The cocktail is served in holiday highballs, rocks glasses, and Santa mugs on Christmas during lunch and dinner only. Tiki drinks and tropical decor are special things created by a bar owner. On Christmas Evening, millions of people visit here and line up. Special protection is given to those who come in groups.

  • The World of Coca-Cola

One of the most famous places in the world for drinks. There are over a hundred types of drinks, people can vigorously share their moments here. Here you can see the behind-the-scenes process of bottles and get the best gifts from the attractive gift shops. Also, there is a 4-D theatre, where people spend their best time. It also provides the banquet and event spaces for meetings or functions. Its additional services include free Wi-Fi access and wheel-chair access for disables. It is open all year. Special events like Christmas are organized there. If you want to find out there, you can buy his ticket online.


Eventually, it turns out that with the entertainment points, places become famous and the center of attention. People turn to where their heart is happy. Atlanta is also one place that places that has become the focus of people’s attention today. So, would you miss any of the best Atlanta attractions on your next visit?



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