What to consider before taking CBD oil 

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You have probably heard a lot of people talk about CBD oil and its many benefits. These days you can find it in many different forms from edibles to lotions and creams, depending on the consumer’s preference.

An important piece of information is that, compared to THC which is mostly popular for delivering the “high” effect, CBD contains most of the same benefits except for the intoxicating effect. This allows people to take advantage of all the therapeutic benefits of CBD without worrying about becoming “stoned”.

Some of the most popular reasons why people decide to use CBD oil is that it reduces inflammation and anxiety, but it also helps with more serious illnesses such as epilepsy, insomnia, arthritis, cancer, to name a few. Below is everything you need to consider before starting your CBD oil journey.

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What is CBD and how to use it?

CBD is an active compound found in the Cannabis plant which is divided into two strains: hemp (Cannabis sativa) and marijuana (Cannabis sativa indica). It’s good to mention there is another cannabinoid found in these plants called THC which is responsible for producing the high feeling usually marijuana users get when they smoke or ingest some products.

Although people consider hemp and marijuana plants to be the same thing, the fact is that they have many differences. One of those differences is the fact that CBD is usually much more present in the hemp plant which contains only 0.3% THC and most importantly doesn’t cause euphoria or intoxication.   

It’s important to know how to use CBD oil properly and effectively if you are using it for the first time. It is essential to be informed about all the important things about CBD such as dosage, benefits, risks, and how to consume it, so you can get all the good things out of it.

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Benefits of CBD oil

One of the common reasons why people consider taking CBD is the fact that it benefits their health in numerous ways. Instead of using prescription pills for different medical issues, CBD oil is usually considered as the more healthy option. Although the FDA has not yet approved CBD as a medication, there are plenty of clinical studies and evidence that prove it has significant effects on many conditions and illnesses.

In 2020, the FDA has approved one CBD-based drug, called Epidiolex, as a solution to treat seizures connected with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), and two rare and severe forms of epilepsy – LGS (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome) and DS (Dravet syndrome).

It’s great to know that CBD oil helps treat a range of conditions as an alternative therapy, some of which include pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, epilepsy, and addiction. Remember that before deciding to use CBD oil you may want to check your state’s laws and whether it is approved for use, and be careful when choosing the right company with qualified products.

Ways of consuming CBD oil

Nowadays there are many ways you can use CBD oil from mixing it into your morning coffee to using a paste by massaging it into the skin to relieve pain. Deciding the proper way of consumption depends on your condition. The most popular ways are sublingual administration (under the tongue), edibles, capsules, topical use (lotions, creams, or balms), and vaping. You can also find beverages that include CBD oil like tea and coffee.

One of the most popular methods is the sublingual application because applying CBD oil under the tongue allows it to be quickly absorbed, similar to chewing tobacco which means the effect is much quicker than ingesting it. Remember that with this method you need to know the proper dosage and way of applying it.

For most people, edibles are a more simple solution since they don’t require accurate dosage and a mirror for applying them as is the case with sublinguals. You can find different kinds of edibles of which the most popular are gummies, but bear in mind that this may not be the best way to take an accurate dosage, so be sure you purchase from a highly reputable company.

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Risks of CBD oil

As well as other therapy methods, CBD use may have some risks and side effects. It may interact with other drugs and supplements, so do your research properly and remember to consult a professional who can give you all the important information about CBD oil usage. It is impossible to make sure that a product is safe and effective for everyone to use, so it would be best to consult a doctor before deciding to use this type of product.

Some of the possible side effects might be mood changes including irritability, changes in alertness, gastrointestinal problems, liver damage, or reduction in fertility for males. As it can be effective for treating many illnesses and conditions, always keep in mind that it may cause some unwanted side effects.

Final thoughts

Knowing how much CBD oil should one take the first time, depends on which method they choose and so later they can decide what suits them best. Knowing it is safe for use gives people comfort that they can turn to a more natural remedy instead of purchasing drugs from the pharmacy. Always remember that before starting to use CBD you need to consult a doctor or a specialist that can lay out all the useful information so that you can enjoy your experience with CBD oil the right way.    



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