Aren’t All Rehab Clinics The Same?

Not all drug rehab centers are made the same, and you need to be sure that you have chosen the one that works for you.  You must ask the treatment center what they offer, how it is offered, and how long they believe your treatment should last.  All treatment centers will answer these questions differently, and you need to be sure that you are happy with the answers before registering yourself or a loved one.

  1.  Do They Offer Inpatient And Outpatient Care?

Drug rehab Philadelphia offers both inpatient and outpatient care.  You must ask the facility how long their programs last, and you need to see the rules for both inpatient and outpatient care.  One center might allow a lot of family contact, but another might not.  One might ask you to check in often if you are in the outpatient program, but others might not.  You might be cut off from outside contact if you are in the inpatient program, or you might have weekly visits with family for a therapy session.  You need to know what will happen before you register.

  1.  Does The Facility Have A Nutrition Program?

Some facilities serve regular food just like a hospital, but other locations might have a better nutrition program with a nutritionist on the staff.  You need to find a place that will give you a good nutrition program so that you can learn how to cook for yourself, get healthier, and a much better rate of metabolism.  These seem like small things, but they make a big difference when you are trying to change your life.

  1.  Do They Offer Outpatient Support?

You should find a rehab center that will give you outpatient support when you get out of the treatment program.  Most people need someone that they can talk to when they are not feeling well, or they need to have a meeting they can go to so that they can meet people who are just like them.  You also should ask the facility if they have a therapist who will work with you even if you are not in the program anymore.

  1.  Do They Have A Therapist?

A therapist is someone who will counsel you on the hurts and pain that might have led you to abuse drugs or alcohol.  These past hurts are very powerful, and they could make you feel like you need to drink or get high just by thinking about them.  If you have met with a therapist while you are in rehab, you are much more likely to learn how to cope with the things that make you want to get drunk or high.

You should ask all these questions when searching for a rehab center.  The rehab centers are not all the same, and you cannot expect that they will all mirror one another.  Ask all these questions so that you can learn what the rehab center offers, if it works for you, and if it feels safe.



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