What Steps Should You Take After an Uber Accident?

Uber and other ride-hailing services have made commuting and getting around town much easier in recent years. 

But, this also means that the chances of getting into an accident have also increased, especially when you’re not behind the wheel. Accidents can happen anytime, and you need to know what to do to stay safe and protect your rights if you’re involved in an Uber accident. 

Car accidents of any kind can be nerve-wracking to deal with, so don’t hesitate to contact an Uber accident lawyer to help you navigate it. To help guide you through what to do, let’s take a look at the steps you should take after an accident in an Uber. 


Ensure Safety First and Then Share Information

Before you do anything else, the most important thing you should be focusing on is your health and safety. Ensure everyone is safe, including any passengers, and that nobody has suffered any type of major injury (make sure to call 911 for EMS if someone is hurt). Try not to panic and stay calm, and if you can, move away from the accident spot out of the road to help you stay safe. 

Here’s the thing: even if you don’t think you need to see a doctor, you probably do. So even if you feel okay now, try to see a doctor as soon as possible. 

Remember, some injuries don’t show up right away, as your adrenaline is often high in the moment of an accident, and you may not be able to focus on the pain immediately. Also, a proper medical check helps document any injuries you may have and helps directly tie them to the accident, which is really important for insurance purposes. 

But that’s not all you have to do—you also have to exchange information with all parties involved in the accident. Try to get the driver’s name and contact information, their car details like license plate, make, and model, along with their insurance details too. 

Also, make sure you get any contact information from any witnesses around, too; after all, you need to get as much support as possible for this kind of situation, right?

Collect Pictures and Contact the Authorities

Don’t forget to take pictures or videos of the accident scene while it’s still active. We know that you might not be in the right state of mind at the moment and will probably be shaken, but evidence like that really comes in handy later. 

Take pictures of the car damage, road conditions, traffic signs, and anything else that may help your case. All this proof can be important when you’re dealing with insurance or basically the legal side of things. 

Also, you have to call the police too and report the accident to them, but you don’t need to use 9-1-1 for this purpose. You need to make an official police report because it helps establish what went down legitimately, which can be super important for insurance and other legal formalities going forward. 

Contact Uber and Save Everything Relevant

You’ll also need to tell Uber about the accident through their app or website. They already have a system for dealing with accidents, and they just might be able to offer you some advice on what to do in the situation. 

Also, ensure you keep all papers linked to the accident, like any medical bills, receipts, and messages from Uber or insurance companies—you’ll need them if you want to seek compensation for what happened and any injuries you may have. Sometimes, it can be really difficult to understand what documents to keep and which ones to throw away. 

Limit Your Statements and Talk To a Lawyer

Try to avoid talking too much or admitting fault at the accident scene, as these words might come back to bite you later. At that moment, just focus on your safety, the safety of the other parties, gathering evidence, and nothing else. Later, just stick to the facts when you’re talking to the cops, Uber, or any other parties that may need to be involved. 

If you want, you can also contact a personal injury lawyer, especially if you got hurt. Lawyers can guide you on what to do next, help with any insurance claims, and speak up for you if you want to pursue compensation. 

Get An Accident Lawyer and Get Your Compensation

Being in an Uber accident can be very confusing and stressful, to say the least—but knowing what steps to take in this situation can be a really big help. The key in this situation is to save everything connected to the accident. Even if you think it doesn’t hold much importance to the accident, make sure to save it just in case. You never know what might help you to deal with such a situation. 

If you’re unsure of what to do, a lawyer can help advise you, offer support to protect your rights, and possibly help you get compensation for your injuries and losses.


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