What is the difference between an immigration lawyer and an immigration consultant?

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If you’re going to immigrate to Canada, you’re probably aware with the terms “immigration lawyer” and “immigration consultant,” and even more likely, you are unsure what the differences are. People are frequently perplexed by the differences between the two professions and frequently confuse the two. However. To guarantee a smooth and efficient immigration process, it is highly recommended that you contact and rely on an immigration specialist rather than consulting and relying on friends and family members.

An immigration process entails more than simply paperwork; It is also vital for the individual to be aware of the many immigration options available to them. You have options at your disposal, and the program or alternative will assist you in building a strong and solid future in the country. Therefore you must yourself make an informed decision between choosing an immigration lawyer and consultant from The most significant distinctions between immigration advisors and lawyers are their educational backgrounds, authorization levels, and the regulating organizations to which they are accountable.

Immigration consultants, on the other hand, complete a 12month specialized certification course in the field of immigration. They may, for example, have less overall experience and legal expertise than immigration lawyers, who are required to pass the bar test. Furthermore, an undergraduate degree is not required for an aspiring immigration consultant, although an immigration lawyer must have finished at least a Bachelor of Laws degree.

The ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council Canadian) is the governing and supervising authority for immigration consultants in Canada. All immigration consultants who pass the national tests are given an ICCRC number, which is a seven digit identification number that verifies their status as ICCRC-approved immigration consultants. You might be wondering what can immigration consultants do

The major responsibility of an immigration consultant is to assist and facilitate the immigration of individuals and their families from their home country to Canada, as well as to deal with the necessary legal paperwork and documentation procedures. The procedure begins with them assessing a person’s possibilities of obtaining a Canadian visa. They also make sure that a person is ready to deal with visa officers and interviews. Their role also entails determining which form of immigration best suits a person’s profile out of the more than 60 options available, in order to maximize a person’s chances adjusting successfully to the Canadian lifestyle So, if an immigration consultant can provide you with the majority of the key services you may require during an immigration procedure, what makes hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer the best option? Should I hire an immigration attorney? Should I proceed with the new IRCC portal for non-express entry to Canada? Should I hire an immigration attorney at all?

Choosing an immigration lawyer is frequently seen as the better option because immigration lawyers

can provide you with all of the services that an immigration consultant can provide, plus much more. Because of their schooling, immigration lawyers generally have a superior awareness of the overall judicial framework within which immigration and other legal procedures function. They are also qualified and legally permitted to represent you in federal and provincial courts, whereas an immigration consultant is only permitted to represent you up to the level of the tribunal. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of applications require referral to federal courts, and that this is normally reserved for the most complicated cases. However, it would be inaccurate to imply that any Canadian immigration lawyer is categorically and irrefutably superior than every immigration consultant in the country, as factors such as their area of specialization, experience, connections, and prestige within the legal community all play a role. Be on the lookout for immigration scam!

As more incidents of unwitting temporary foreign employees and international students being robbed of their money, sensitive information, and personal and legal documents emerge, are reported, immigration fraud has emerged as a notorious impediment in the industry’s otherwise smooth and efficient functioning. Coming across someone who promises or ensures smooth immigration to Canada is a sure-fire warning sign you can come across while looking for an immigration specialist. It is crucial to realize that no immigration professional, no matter how skilled or well-known, can guarantee a successful immigration.

It may or may not be within a person’s control Furthermore, if you ever come across someone who informs you that your immigration lawyer need an ICCRC number, you should consider it a red flag because you may be at risk of being deceived by that person. This is because, as previously stated, immigration lawyers are registered and controlled by the Bar and provincial legal societies rather than the ICCRC. Conducting appropriate research is the only way to increase your chances of successfully coming to Canada while also reducing your risks of being cheated. Visit the websites of major Canadian immigration law firms, read their client testimonials, and check their qualifications on the applicable Bar association website (in the case of lawyers) or the ICCRC website Your best bet is to put your faith in seasoned names with a strong reputation in the legal world. Ronen Kurzfield is a well-known Canadian immigration lawyer with decades of experience and a track record of effectively resolving difficult immigration issues.

  • You are given instructions on the forms and papers you should submit. Filling out immigration benefit application forms does not require the assistance of a lawyer. The paperwork, as well as the instructions, are available for free on the websites of US Citizenship & Immigration Services and the US Department of State.
  • However, US government entities are not your advocates and do not take your unique situation into account when presenting you with services and information. Only an immigration lawyer who is well-versed in the qualifying requirements can advise you on the papers and paperwork to submit in order to receive immigration benefits. • Professional immigration consultants and online immigration processors can absolutely assist you in filling out forms and submitting documents to USCIS and the Department of State for a fraction of the expense of hiring a lawyer.

In order to evaluate properly your chances experts from provide you a qualified service on all aspects how to take with you family members and


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