What Is Programmatic Video Advertising And Why Is It Helpful?

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With the advancement of time and technology, came the modern data and machine learning process. As a result, now, more than 75% of video ads are programmatic. The term Video Programmatic Advertising stands for the use of software or bots to buy online digital video advertising space.

In this programmatic video advertising, a real-time algorithm operating is used to replace a variety of menial activities and improve the targeting in search engines and its cost-effectiveness. Now the main matter is the numerous beneficial sides of this Programmatic Video Advertising, which now we will be discussing.

Amazing beneficial sides of Programmatic Video Advertising:

  1. Connecting with super-specific audiences:

In the traditional marketing field, it was a ritual to purchase specific ad space in a popular time slot on Television or on a site you are going to choose in accordance with your audience’s reach. Now, in this sect of Programmatic advertising, all the behavioral data will be used to find your particular base of audience to display the all the video ads, and thus, being benefited with its best effectiveness.

  1. Super effective marketing strategy:

Besides its immense cost-effectiveness as it brings a good amount of reduction in menial labor required, better use of dedicated resources, and increased ROIs. Firstly, the software helps the marketing teams in collecting a good amount of valuable and comprehensible data about the viewers that are showing their content. To learn and adapt based on this data, Ad-buying algorithms are specially developed.

This learning curve facilitates the marketers with a clear graph which helps in understanding who is really interested in their product and reaches them more and more. As a whole, programmatic video advertising offers a good number of additional benefits to the marketers to take a step back from the details and focus on the big picture, in a vital matter like Super effective marketing strategy.

  1. Building Connections through Creative Personalized Video:

Programmatic video advertising has to have certain elements in order to be effective. All the current consumers are now habituated to be exposed to a huge number of video advertising on a daily basis. So, there is good competition, and a video of poor quality will not really be able to deliver a fruitful result.

An engaging, enough informational and well-produced video ad has an amazing ability to mark a long-term and permanent customer relationship, but a poor-quality video will only cause them to associate your brand with worthlessness and unprofessionalism.

  1. In the age of Social Media Video Ads can have a new avenue:

In this age of digitalization, almost all of us invest a good amount of time in social media and video advertising colliding with each other on the way to online dominance because they are really made for one another. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook are great platforms for incorporating user-generated content to come close to your audience, breaking the barriers of space and time between buyer and brand.


There are two types of Programmatic video advertising – in-stream and out-stream, both of these can be beneficial for you depending on how much you are investing yourself in it. Today, programmatic video advertising is dominating the landscape, which means there is an immense possibility for it to make a splash in the near future.



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