What can a family lawyer do for you?

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Family lawyers are on hand to direct family affairs from cradle to grave. Unlike the relatively short term services of other types of lawyers (e.g. a New York employment lawyer or an Orlando PI lawyer), family lawyers tend to represent a mid to long term family connection.  

Today, we’re going to look at some of the main services most sought after from family lawyers, because one day you may need to know whether a particular domestic issue falls within the remit of a family lawyer. 

Prenuptial agreements 

Thanks to media mentions throughout the 90s and 00s, prenups have become common parlance with most people having an idea of what they are. For those who are not sure, the basic knowledge that you need to know is that a prenup is a contract entered into prior to a marriage or civil union, used to describe and outline the agreed division of possessions and duties in the event of a breakup or divorce (e.g. child custody, real estate, vehicles). 

Breakups and divorce 

Breakups and divorces are often emotionally charged, especially where the actions of one person (e.g. affairs) lead to the immediate need to separate. Irrational behaviors can follow, leading to a further breakdown in communication that means the process of separating is slowed down and made more difficult. A family lawyer can bridge the communications gap and expedite the process, resulting in a much cleaner break for all parties.  

Child custody 

Child custody is one of the most difficult-to-arrange parts of any relationship breakdown. Because one parent will be relocating to another property to which the child is expected to visit, the child may feel uprooted and the parent staying in the primary home may experience separation issues. All of this can lead to issues over regular visitations, with the parent who has moved away losing out. A family lawyer can mediate these decisions and pave the way for a successful transition into life as separated parents.

Estates and wills 

A family lawyer is relied upon for two things in relation to estates and wills. First, the lawyer must have a deep understanding of the legalities surrounding a will. This is because different areas of law may overlap with what is stated in a will. For example, where the assumed natural heir to an estate (such as a spouse) is denied in favour of gifting the estate to someone else, loopholes and challenging court cases could follow. Therefore, a family lawyer must be competent in spotting these issues and in making the appropriate provisions to avoid an undesirable outcome. Secondly, the lawyer must possess the determination to administer the estate as laid out in the will. These qualities are highly sought after in estates and wills lawyers. 



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