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What Americans Need to Know About Moving to Canada

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Every four years, when elections are hot in the news, Canada sees a massive rise in people trying to move North from the United States.  Although some of these inquiries may be a split moment decision that isn’t followed through, many people try to make a move happen.  Although these two countries share a continent and a long border, there are endless differences that divide them.  Here are some things all Americans moving to Canada should know before they move up.

The Most Diverse Cities In The World

Moving up from America, you may think you know about cultural diversity, but Canada’s largest cities are rated the most diverse in the world.  Toronto has more cultures per capita than any other and wears it as a badge of pride.  This diversity means you have more options for delicious food, more chances to enjoy incredible entertainment, and endless people to befriend and get to know better.  Their cultures are celebrated instead of melting together, which can be a big shock for some Americans.

Everything Is More Expensive

Although the apparent reason is the exchange rate, the cost of living is higher in Canada for plenty of other reasons.  Socialized healthcare will save you money and save lives in the long term, but it may catch some Americans off guard.  Make sure to request a higher and more fair payment when you work in Canada and prepare to save for years before buying real estate in Toronto.

Winters Like You Haven’t Seen.

If you’ve never lived anywhere where it snows more than five inches in a Winter, some parts of Canada may come as an enormous shock to you.  Of course, you could live somewhere like Victoria, BC, where snow is scarce, but if you end up in Alberta, you’re in for a cold winter.  Prepare by coating up and looking ahead on the weather.  You may enjoy shoveling snow the first couple of times, but a full season of it will leave you worn thin and tired of it.  

Politics Aren’t Sports.

Although Canada isn’t a utopia and does have its battles with racism and how indigenous people are treated, politics is a lot less of a sporting event than in America.  A two-party system does exist like in The United States, but with a lot less of the reckless abandon and fanfare.  Study up on politics before you arrive so that you can hold a good conversation about it, but don’t assume which way someone leans when you’re talking to them. 

Canada is still a country with its problems and spaces where it can grow, but it also has a lot of excitement and good to offer.  You’ll be surprised at how friendly the people can be compared to stateside, and you’ll want to eat out for nearly every meal so you can try all of the different dishes in the larger cities.  Don’t worry about getting too cold; there’s a lot of warmth in this country.


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