An Outdoorsy Weekend at Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe is particularly beautiful in the fall

Sometimes it’s nice to escape the city and enjoy all that the countryside has to offer. Canada has plenty of opportunities for this but one of the most picturesque, particularly in the fall, is Lake Simcoe. This lake is the fourth largest in the province and is home not just to plenty of watersports, but also hiking, history, and a pretty special hotel too. So, if you’ve got a weekend free and you want to catch those famous fall colors, then this is our advice on how to enjoy a wholesome few days at Lake Simcoe.

Take a Walk in the Autumn Leaves

If you’re blessed with a dry, bright day at the beginning of your trip then use it to see the autumn leaves. The county of Simcoe has more than 150 different forest tracts and they’re known for the brilliant autumn display of fiery oranges, deep reds and bright yellows that they put on each year. There are loads of different trails that you can take which are all available to download from the Experience Simcoe website; however, the one that we’ve picked today is the Grants Wood Loop. This trail is suitable for just about any fitness level and, at just under 2km, you can have the whole loop done and be back with plenty of time for a big brunch. If there’s one thing that Americans need to know about Canadians, it’s that they know how to brunch! The loop takes you around some of the oldest trees in the area, as well as a picturesque bridge and some of the ground-feeding streams.

Stay at the Casino Rama

Finding somewhere comfortable to bed down for the night is even more important when you’re having an outdoorsy holiday. The Canadian weather can be unpredictable, so having somewhere toasty and warm to dry off is essential. If you’re after a luxury stay, then the Casino Rama resort is undoubtedly the place for you. This all-suite hotel promises the comforts of a luxury hotel with the added benefit of plenty of entertainment on site. The hotel is known for its large casino and many people make the trip especially to play there. However, if you can’t tear yourself away from the Egyptian cotton sheets, then they’re perfectly happy for you to play online at a poker site in Ontario using their complimentary WiFi. As well as the casino, you’ll also find a selection of excellent restaurants with something for every taste and budget.

Learn On The Go

If you’re a little tired from your walk yesterday, then you can let the car do the hard work today. It’s now possible to book listening tours through Trip Advisor, which hooks up to your car using your smartphone. When you begin driving around the predetermined route, your smartphone will give you information on the area. A particularly interesting route is down Highway 400 where you can drive for around an hour and a half, depending on traffic. Along the way, you’ll learn about the Wye Marsh, Georgian Bay, the legend of Kitchikiwana, and countless other fascinating bits of history from the area. There are no time constraints with this tour, it will simply play as you drive, so if you want to get out and take a look at any areas that particularly interest you then feel free.


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