Welcome To Our “All Season Kids Guide”! Today’s Showcase Is The Keenz Stroller Wagon.

Welcome to the Night Helper  “ALL SEASON KIDS GUIDE”!  Grab your pen and paper, sit back, and get ready to view some awesome product ideas for your kids this month! We will make sure to leave you with links to visit every product just in case you’re seeking to purchase some cool kid products!


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Today we want to showcase our next product which is  Keenz 7S Multi-Purpose Foldable Utility Wagon.

Parents, if you haven’t heard of the Keenz Stroller Wagon before sit back and let me tell you about how awesome this wagon is. The most important thing to me about the Keenz Stroller Wagon is it’s versatile ability to help with any activity.

Now, the Keenz Stroller will arrive to your door in a nice size box and yes, mom or dad will need to assemble it. Once you have assembled the durable aluminum frame your base is complete and ready for you to add your canopy!

What a cool stroller wagon right! Now, many may think this wagon is hard to push or pull but it isn’t! There’s so much to this awesome Keenz 7S Multi-Purpose Foldable Utility Wagon that will have mom and dads amazed! Even your neighbors and friends will be inquiring about the Keenz Wagon!.

You see this wagon is way better than any other wagon in my opinion, it’s very lightweight,  include one step on/off brakes, dual adjustable handles, built in shoe storage, and canopy. It’s made of a durable 1.6 mm durable aluminum, and the Keenz 7S is a deep body wagon with a 110lb. Capacity. This means  you can transport two children with ease, or just have one child enjoy this spacious wagon.  Plus the Keenz 7S Multi-Purpose Foldable Utility Wagon is equipped with 5-point safety harness, I’m so glad to see these harnesses. I can remember my little one busting his lip because we hit a bump in the sidewalk in our old wagon and he fell right out. Knowing that your child will be secured while riding in the Keenz wagon is definitely a plus within itself for parents!

Now, let’s say you’re headed to the park, or to the zoo, or maybe your child’s baseball game, the Keenz Stroller Wagon  would definitely be the perfect wagon to handle all your needs while you’re out and about. You can pack everything you need for when you’re headed to visit those places above! If you’re like me, you too probably pack darn near the whole kitchen when you’re headed to the park, zoo, or a game. I can see myself using the Keenz Stroller Wagon even when I go to Sam’s Club or to the Eastern Market.

Another feature I know mom’s and dad’s will like is the retractable peaked roof, which also includes a mesh sunscreen to keep your items out of the hot sun. So even on a hot day, your items and kids will still be shield off from the sun.  Just think, your monthly shopping will be a breeze plus once you’re finished with your Keenz Wagon, you can fold, store, and place away until next use! Something I found to be extremely important to me is  the Keenz Wagon 7S is certified as a stroller wagon, it carries all the safety measures that go along with meeting or exceeding those regulations.

It’s really true when Keenz state: “Our premium-deluxe stroller wagon combines all the advantages from existing strollers and wagons pursuing ergonomic design”.

Even though we know Keenz created their wagons for babies, I’m glad they saw a need to make their wagons even more useful after your little one has outgrown  his or her normal stroller!

The Keenz Wagon 7S will hold a place in any parents heart for so many reasons like: it has two handle design, swiveling front wheels with individual locks, rear wheel parking brake, 11Inch rear wheels, built in cushioning, Anti-rust, padded interior with back cushions, wide view, fold up parcel bag and so much more. Transporting everything you need will no longer be a hassle because of the Keenz 7S Multi-Purpose Foldable Utility Wagon, that’s for sure!


The Keenz 7S Multi-Purpose Foldable Utility Wagon is available in 4 colors.

More details to keep in mind:

Packed full of useful features, this stroller wagon is designed with the on-the-go family in mind. Built-in storage provides plenty of room to stow and organize gear, and a retractable sun canopy provides shade from the sun. Two adjustable handles ensure superior handling, while spring-suspension wheels offer a smooth ride.

  • Weight capacity: 110 lbs.
  • 34” W x 19.5” H x 34.6” D
  • Five point safety harness
  • One step on/off brake
  • Built-in cushioning
  • Built-in locking straps
  • Two adjustable handles
  • Built-in curtain
  • Canopy storage
  • Fold-up parcel bag
  • Removable rear wheel assembly
  • Swiveling front wheels
  • Retractable roof with mesh sunscreen
  • 29 lbs.
  • Frame: aluminum
  • Fabric: 900-denier polyester
  • Fabric (removable): machine wash
  • Imported

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28 thoughts on “Welcome To Our “All Season Kids Guide”! Today’s Showcase Is The Keenz Stroller Wagon.

  • That could hold my youngest three with ease! The complaining about walking gets a bit overwhelming at times. Whipping this out would save everyone’s patience!

  • This Keenz Stroller Wagon is indeed awesome for all parents. I love this and it can be turned into a utility wagon after the kids are older too. My niece would love one of these for her kids. Thanks for sharing a great review.

  • I *NEED* this for my son! We could take walks around the block and have a lot of fun.

  • My kids loved going for wagon rides when they were little. The Keenz stroller wagon is unlike anything else I have ever seen, it looks awesome! What a great idea for parents and kids, useful in so many ways.

  • That wagon is awesome. I had twins and this would have been perfect for when they were younger, especially since it looks like you can use it for many years after kids.

  • I have never seen anything like this before, but that is pretty neat. I wouldn’t mind having something like this, especially for my daughter and baby #3 that’s on the way. 🙂

  • One of the greatest invention. Moms and das will be very happy. Awesome!

  • Wow! It looks so classy and unique. I love this kind of stroller. Thanks for sharing like this. 🙂

  • I wish they would have made things like this when my kids were little. Genius. Passing your post along to my daughter who has a 3 month old. She’ll love it!

    • Thanks Ali! I’m sure your daughter will love the Keenz Wagon!

  • WOW! This would be great to give to my friend who has kids under 4. This is pretty handy to have. I like that it’s got the 5 point harness for up to 2 kids! And you can also transport a lot more stuff with ease!

  • This looks amazing and so versatile! Love that it has harnesses and a canopy.

  • This is one of the most clever baby products I have ever seen. I am sending this to my daughter, who has a 7 month old. Layla would love this!

  • Almost makes me want to have more children so we have a reason to use one! They would be so handy at flea markets!

  • That is a super cool stroller. It actually reminds me of a wagon. I also love that it shaded to help keep the kids out of direct sunlight.

  • Those are so nice! I wish I would have known about this back when my girls were younger. It would have been something nice to have for them.

  • This wagon is awesome! It would be great for bringing young kids along to outdoor festivals or events, The sun shading canopy is especially cool.

  • I wish I had one of these for my kids when they were younger. They are so cute.

  • I see these on the street all the time. I love them and I want one. I’m trying to justify this purchase since my baby is 5 years old. lol

    • LOL Mimi!! The great thing about the Keenz Wagon is even if your child has outgrown it we can still use it to transport our items to and from stores, parks etc. Go for it girl, grab you one!

  • If I ever have grandkids I am TOTALLY getting one of these! I so wish they were around when my kids were little. LOVE this idea!

  • These folding wagons look really cute. I wish we had one when the twins were smaller.

  • These are the coolest EVER. I want one in every color LOL. Even without having little kids at home any longer, I can see these as being useful for so many different things. I can think of a half dozen or more uses right now!

  • This is so neat! I love the top on it and how you are able to fold it down. So much easier if you have to get it in a car and take it to a game, it takes up less space.

  • That is pretty awesome. I’ve never seen a stroller that impressive. It’s more like a baby playpen on wheels.

  • I want one so badly! My kids are older but young enough for this for sure! And we want a third baby. And I just want one because it’s so awesome!


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