The Weirdest Things People Have Found in Thrift Shops

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Rummaging through thrift stores can be quite an adventure. You’ll never know what you’re going to find and who knows, you just might discover the strangest of things here. The next time you’re visiting some boutiques in Phoenix, AZ,be sure to dig deep and look for something weird to impress your friends.

Check out some of the weird items some people found in thrift stores and boutiques.

Shells playing poker

You’ve probably heard of the famous painting titled “Dogs Playing Poker” by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, where a group of canines sit at a round table while playing poker. Well, someone tried to emulate this piece of art with something much wackier and apparently gave it away because it had no artistic value.

But for one individual, it had artistic value, so he decided to buy it. The art piece is a diorama of four shells made to look like humans. The shells were quite small, so the cards they were holding were much smaller. They were decorated with so much precision, though, that you can actually read the cards.

Dennis Rodman wedding doll

Remember that time NBA legend Dennis Rodman donned a wedding gown? Apparently, someone thought that it would be great to replicate Rodman’s look by creating a doll with his likeness dressed in a wedding gown.

The doll is worth $19.99 and it even comes with its own box, which looks a lot like those boxes they use for Barbie dolls. Although, it’s highly unlikely that Mattel would produce a Dennis Rodman wedding gown doll.

A strange knitting manual

Another individual found something odd in a thrift store that merits an explanation. It seems some author thought that it would be a great idea to write a whole manual about how to make a sweater, mittens, and even a hat using hair that a pet dog has shed.

Shoes for treading lightly

Another weird findin a thrift shop is so odd that the person who came up with this idea may have a few bats in the belfry. A person took a picture of a shoe in a thrift store with a weird sole: the sides were made of transparent plastic and inside were dozens of miniature baby dolls.

If the person who made this was somehow implying that we should always tread lightly, he should have come up with a better idea to deliver his message. The thought of wearing those shoes and squishing those baby dolls is just downright gruesome.

Everyman action figure

When toy manufacturers produce action figures, they’re often based on comic book heroes, cartoon series characters, or video game creatures. But one person photographed an action figure that represents the everyman: a plumber complete with a red wrench and a utility belt.

Never underestimate how strangely beautiful boutiques and thrift stores are. The next time you pass by a boutique shop, spare a few minutes, enter the store, and look around. You might find something so weird and funny you just might take it home and use it as a conversational piece.


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