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Vaping 1010: 5 Fun Juul Tips for Beginners

In the world of vaping, Juul has taken the market by storm.

These compact and convenient rigs are a great way to vape without all the extra maintenance and gear.

If you’re new to the world of Juuling, check out these helpful Juul tips for beginners that’ll have you puffing like a pro.


1. Know Your Flavors

When you buy a traditional vape kit, you can fill the tank with a huge variety of flavored liquids. For Juul, there are a limited number of flavor options available.

Before you become discouraged, the manufacturer does offer more than just the traditional tobacco and menthol flavors. Some of their other flavors include mango, cool cucumber, fruit medley, and there’s even a creme brulee flavor if you have a sweet tooth.

2. You Can’t Refill Pods

Juul uses small pods, and they each come factory sealed. These pods are not made to be refillable, and the wick and coil inside the pod are extremely delicate.

If you had the idea of refilling your Juul pod in mind, it’s likely not possible unless you tear it apart. Your best bet is just to enjoy the different flavors that Juul offers and then buy a new pod when it’s time for a replacement.

3. Juul Tips: High Nicotine Concentration

The concept of Juul is to provide smokers with a safer alternative while still meeting their need for nicotine. The e-liquid in the pods is made with something called “nicotine salts,” which is a chemical formula that reduces the pH level of the liquid.

Thanks to this formula, there’s a higher concentration of nicotine but it’s much less harsh. What does that mean for you? Since the nicotine levels are more concentrated, you can take smaller puffs every time you inhale and still be satisfied.

4. Know What’s in the Kit

Of all the Juul tips, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting in the starter kit. The slim, small device is rechargeable, and you will receive a USB charging dock as part of the kit.

These kits will give you four pods in their four most popular flavors. The Juul itself includes a one-year limited warranty for the device. Any time you need to re-up your supply, pods are sold separately.

5. The Pods are Easy to Use

The creators of the Juul put years of research into the design and the result is something sleek and easy to use. Their pods are completely disposable so you can just toss them out when you’re done.

Each pod snaps right into the top of your device. Once it’s securely in place, all you need to do is start puffing.

Juuling is Easy

If the concept of the Juul is new to you, make sure you know these Juul tips so you can get started. With its slim design and appealing flavors, it’s no wonder the Juul has become a favorite in the vaping community.

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