Understanding Bail Bonds: A Beginner’s Guide

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Finding out that someone you care about has been arrested can be scary and confusing. You’ll definitely have a lot of questions that need answers. At the same time, you need to spring into action and help your loved one get out of jail. Fortunately, your family member or friend doesn’t have to languish behind bars until the court determines their case. You can use a bail bond and set them free even before the trial begins. Let’s learn a few things about bail bonds.


Bail Bond Is an Agreement Between the Defendant and Surety

A bail bond is an amount posted on the defendant’s behalf by the surety to secure their release. The surety agrees to pay the amount fixed by the court as long as the accused promises to voluntarily appear in court on the scheduled trial date. 

123 Bail Bonding notes that sometimes, the bail amount is higher than you can immediately raise to secure the release of your loved one. In such situations, the best option is to ask for help from a bail bondsman. This is an agency that provides a guarantee and promises to pay the full amount with an understanding that the defendant will show up in court. 

Bail Bonds Come With Conditions 

Sometimes, the court can release you without requiring bail money. This is after promising in writing that you’ll always show up for the hearings. Other times, the defendant may completely be denied bail if facing trial for a severe crime such as robbery, or is at high risk of flight or is thought to be a danger to the community. 

If the court grants bail permission, it gives various conditions depending on the crime. It can set travel restrictions, demand that the defendant stay in a specific address, or warn them against contacting witnesses, victims, or any co-accused.

Violating Bond Conditions Creates More Trouble

Breaching bail conditions will land you in more trouble. When applying for bail, it’s best you thoroughly read the conditions to ensure you don’t violate any law or regulation. If the police believe you didn’t follow the requirements, such as moving to a new location, they may issue a warrant of arrest for you. 

To get out of jail after breaking bail conditions, you’ll have to get a new bail hearing which is likely to be denied. The court is generally tougher on people who failed to come to court on their hearing date. Not only will you forfeit the bail money, but it could also negatively impact the final verdict. You could be hit with a bigger fine or have months or years added to your sentence. 

There are Many Good Reasons to Post Someone’s Bail

When someone you care about is arrested, posting bail on their behalf can benefit both of you. First, once released, the defendant can find a lawyer to help them prepare a strong case, thus improving the chances of getting a positive outcome. Second, your loved one will be able to continue working, allowing them to continue meeting their family obligations. If your teenage child is under arrest, posting bail will enable them to continue with their studies. 

Bail Amounts Can Be Reduced

The U.S constitution prohibits excessive bail and gives the defendant the right to request the court to lower the amount. If you feel the set amount is too high, you can request a bail reduction hearing. You’ll need a good lawyer to convince the court that the bail is excessive. That all depends on the seriousness of your charges, your previous criminal record, and how likely you are to appear in court if the amount is reduced.

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A Bail Bond Is Your Best Bet for a Quick Release

If you find out that a loved one is in jail, bail bonds can help you have peace of mind once they have been released. It will also allow the defendant to prepare for the case adequately, increasing the chances of winning the trial.


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