What Types of Drapes or Curtains Are Best for Your Home?

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 The right window treatment makes a room look “put together,” tying all the elements of the decor into a seamless visual treat. But curtains and drapes can also easily overwhelm or distract from the style or mood you’re going for, so you also need to choose your window treatments carefully. It’s more than just the colors, design, and length; you also need to take into consideration the kind of windows you have and other elements such as the environment where you live.

Here are some things to consider when choosing drapes and curtains based on different situations.

 Lots of Natural Light: Sheers and Lightweight Curtains

There are a lot of benefits in letting more natural light stream into your home, among them the significant cut on your electricity bill. Exposure to sunlight also gives a boost to our immune system while contributing to an overall happier state of mind.

If you live in a house that’s exposed to a lot of natural light, take advantage of it by installing sheer or lightweight curtains. Cotton, lace, and linen are the best options, as these are light enough to let the light in but can still provide some level of privacy. Just take note that exposure to sunlight will make bright colors fade faster, so you might want to choose neutrals or pastels.

 No Time to Clean: Heavy Drapes

Heavy fabrics like velvet and brocade DO have some meticulous care requirements. However, these heavy fabrics can work wonders for those who don’t have the time to clean or switch up their window treatments once in a while. You can even buy high-quality drapes online these days, which is even more ideal for the busy bees.

You can vacuum heavy drapes using the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner once a month to prevent dust and grime from seeping in, and then send it to the dry cleaners at least once every 12 months to maintain their overall quality. Go for bold colors, as lighter shades are prone to show the dirt and dust they’ve accumulated. Just remember: don’t install them in humid areas or in places where smells can accumulate.

Privacy Issues: Shades or Multiple Layers

If you live in an environment where privacy is difficult to come by—say, in an apartment block where the units are too close together—you might want to consider window shades or double layer of curtains for a visually pleasing look.

Roman shades, solar and cellular shades, roller shades, and panel track blinds are just a few options that are both convenient and beautiful. Meanwhile, dual layer curtains usually make use of one sheer layer to allow some natural light in, and one thick layer to block out lights, sounds, or both. Indeed, blackout curtains are ideally used in bedrooms to create an environment that’s more conducive for sleeping.

Small, Low Spaces: Floor-Length Curtains

You can give any room the illusion of height by installing ceiling-to-floor curtains. You can further enhance the look by using vertical stripes. Light colors open up a space. You can also coordinate the color of the curtains with the walls so as to create the illusion of a bigger space.

If floor-length curtains don’t match with your personal style, you can simply mount the curtain rods four to six inches above the window frame or, if you have crown molding, halfway between the window frame and the molding. Another trick to lengthen your curtains is to install a track on the ceiling.

 Wide, Open Spaces: Drapes in Warm Colors

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a lot of space, it might be a little tricky when you’re going for a cozy atmosphere. Apart from the careful placement of furniture, drapes in warm colors also contribute to a more welcoming, homey feel.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, go straight for the bolder shades, like reds and oranges. However, if you’re used to more neutral palettes, you can start by trying out simple patterns first, like stripes or chevron, or more subdued versions, such as yellow or lighter oranges.

 Big Windows: Valances or Lightweight Curtains

Big windows are made for maximizing the views, so the right window treatments should not draw the attention away from the scene but rather enhance or frame it beautifully. The best solution is to opt for valances or lightweight curtains that are easily drawn. Not only do these help showcase the scenery but also prevent big, wide windows from looking too bulky.


When chosen carefully, the right curtains and drapes can make your design dreams happen and enhance the entire look of your home. Happy hunting for the best window treatments!


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