Trying to Get Pregnant? 5 Interesting Facts That Can Help with Your Conception.

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The reproductive system is more complex than many think. While you may assume that it’s simple to have a baby, healthy individuals in their 20s have close to a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant. If you’re trying to get pregnant and haven’t been successful, the following 5 interesting facts can prove helpful.

Excellent Health Isn’t a Sure Sign of Fertility

Eating a healthy diet, exercising, taking vitamins and monitoring your cholesterol levels are important to a healthy body. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll immediately get pregnant when trying. Approximately one in 10 couples who are in good health and at the proper reproductive age will find it challenging to conceive. Cause can vary and are usually shared between both the man and woman. To increase your chances, you want to determine your ovulation dates. Over-the-counter predictors are helpful in figuring out the optimum times of the month. If you’re over the age of 35 and still haven’t gotten pregnant, it’s probably time to consult with a fertility specialist.

Weight Plays a Critical Role in Your Ability to Get Pregnant

If you exercise excessively or fail to eat enough food to nourish the body, you’re not going to menstruate on a regular basis. To ensure normal ovulation, you need your body fat to be near 22 percent. Tipping the scales by being overweight can also mess with the chemistry of your hormones and prevent your body from ovulating. If you want to remedy the situation in either instance, you can gain a proper amount of weight or shed the necessary pounds to get to normal weight levels for your body type and height. Your problems my go beyond weight such as a blockage or damaged fallopian tubes. According to, Tuboplasty restores the functioning and patency of the fallopian tubes so that you can achieve pregnancy.

Male Biological Clock is Also Ticking

Discussions are usually focused on women and age when it comes to pregnancy. But the male biological clock is also ticking when you’re trying to have a baby. Based on a Bristol and Brunel study, out of the 8,500 individuals researched, 8 percent of the male species under 25 failed to get their partner pregnant after one year. After men hit the age of 35, that number rises to 15 percent.  To increase your chances of conception, you could have intercourse more frequently. Men can also get their sperm levels tested for normalcy and strength.

Choice of Underwear Won’t Impact Your Fertility

In the past, future daddies were told to switch from briefs to boxers if they were trying to conceive. This was because the tightness of the tidy-whities would raise the testicular temperature and lower both the sperm concentration and count. While it’s correct that excessively high temperatures can damage sperm, the facts are still debated, and a person’s underwear preferences aren’t enough to cause a major impact. If bikini briefs or silk boxers are more likely to get your partner’s engines revved in the bedroom, stock up on their favorites.

Eating a Magic Diet Ensures Pregnancy

The Internet is full of information touting certain foods, potions and elixirs to help a person get pregnant. While the positive statements may back up their claims, there isn’t a magical cure for conception. If you’re trying to have a baby, the most important thing you can do for your body is to eat nutritious foods that are high in fiber. You should also reduce your consumption of junk food and high processed calories.

The process to conceive may sound simple. But for many couples, it can prove quite challenging. Although the human body does know how to operate properly without a lot of outside assistance, knowing the above interesting facts can aid in your conception.




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