Flowers are a girls best friend, wouldn’t you say?

Wonderfully White Hand-tied

There’s nothing like coming home to a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. I adore my husband, he is sweet and very thoughtful. Every Friday he brings home a different set of  fresh flowers for me. I could remember back when my father was alive how he did the same thing for my mom. There wasn’t a Friday that went by that dad didn’t come home with beautiful flowers for her. The smell of  fresh cut flowers went throughout the whole house. Even when he traveled  for work he still made sure they were delivered right to her door step!

Its not everyday a girl gets to enjoy the beauty of flowers, seems like it only happens on special occasions for some. The smell of fresh flowers can add a glorious smell to any home and of course a beautiful scenario to any area.

If you are seeking to find that special  Birthday bouquet or maybe your friend or family is having that special bundle of joy or just maybe its your Anniversary, Interflora Florists in London  is just a click or phone call away to providing you with lovely flowers for your love ones.

So many selections to chose from, Fruit baskets, Flowering Planters, Roses, Wedding Flowers and many more awesome flowers to share. So don’t hold back or wait any longer, pick up your phone or grab your computer and order some beautiful flower arrangements from InterFlora Florist in London, they evenhave same day flower delivery, International delivery. They have flowers in every range price from $19.99 to $200.00. Can’t afford to buy a real expensive flower arrangement, don’t worry no matter what arrangement you chose just know they all are made with love and care!

Sweet Nostalgia (below)
Luxury White Dendrobium

My daughter is getting married next July and I would love to purchase one of their Bridal Bouquet from their Wedding Flowers Collection…they all are so beautiful!!!


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