Why you should travel to Shimla in the off-season

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One of the best mountain destinations near Delhi, Shimla stands as a respite for urban travelers from the northern plains. But is the regular tourist season the best time to explore the Himalayan city? How about traveling in the monsoon? Read on to find out more.

Between June and September, it’s off-season in the city and it’s charming.


The notion of being ‘off’

Many tourists (remember, not travelers or explorers) will frown at the thought of traveling in ‘off-season’. More than most people think that traveling anywhere in the off-season (relative to the destination) equals ‘not such a great experience’. Because, somehow, the word itself has evolved to sound unpleasant. But that’s not true. Before we jump into explaining why let’s get a clear understanding of what off-season really is. Typically, most people travel between October and March, the reason being, that in a hot and humid country like ours, this is perhaps the only period with conducive weather. But the best time also means high demand, high price, too many people, lack of accommodation, and not to mention, lack of space to enjoy the locale the way you want.

So, the rest of the year, these destinations become ‘out of the season’.

Why visit in ‘off-season’ anyway?

But things have changed. And radically so. Gone are those days, when people would wait for the ‘season’ to explore a place. However, on the other hand, the tourism ecosystem still holds onto the ‘offseason and season’ practices. This, in fact, makes for a great opportunity for anyone who wants to travel, not for the sake of traveling, but for discovering a new place and experiencing a new environment.

Here are our favorite reasons why Shimla is off-season can be a great experience!

A unique atmosphere

The stunning, endless views of the Himalayas and alpine forests, coupled with traces of the old British heritage, the city of Shimla is indeed the Queen of the Himalayas. And a queen never loses her charm, season or not. The rains bring an entirely different experience. While winters are a snowy wonderland and summers are colorful and radiant in Shimla, rains bring an understated beauty to this hill town.

Traveling is easier

Whether you are taking a flight, bus, train, or renting a car, ‘tourist-season’ always results in high demand for travel options. This also means the travel prices are sky-high. Typically, travel costs make for 20-30% of your total travel budget. If you are targeting winter or summer vacation in Shimla, then you will have to account for an overall 30% increase in your budget. Sometimes, just to manage the costs, people end up shortening their trips or compromising on the accommodation. Why restrict yourself, when you can do it better and just the way you want? All you need to do is change your travel dates! You can easily book a reliable and licensed Delhi to Shimla cab and at the most affordable rates. You can even book an entire trip package. Such savings on your travel will make a big difference to the rest of your vacation costs.

Accommodation is cheaper

Even when seeking accommodation in Shimla, off-season fares much better than the peak times. Ask yourself why you are in a Himalayan town? To soak in the views from your hotel room, right? Or enjoy the morning mountain air from the patio or balcony, while you savor a cup of tea? But if you don’t get to do that, the whole objective of your vacation is lost. Between July and September, you can find the best resorts or hotels at steal deals and stay luxuriously, when it’s off-season, rather than opting for budget hotels in the peak season!

There is a sense of calm

Peak travel times mean more people, probably in millions. If you are on a vacation, would like to be rushed? Imagine crawling through the highway or city traffic, just to reach a sightseeing spot, only to find more people, each craning their neck through the crowd to get a glimpse of the views! Vacations are meant to be relaxing and rejuvenating so you can go back to the grind, rebooted. So, if you don’t want to stress yourself out on a holiday, the post-monsoon period is perfect to spend a few days in Shimla. The otherwise bustling Himalayan town is relatively calmer and enhances the breathtaking views of mountains and valleys.

Pro Tips

  • If you are traveling with senior adults, kids, or in a big group, it is always better to avail a comfortable and cheap tempo traveler hire in Delhi for a better experience.
  • Even if you travel in the off-season, it is always better to book your accommodation in advance, since most millennial travelers have started to avoid the peak tourist times.



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