Top Ways To Find Great Ideas For Family Meals!


 It can be a challenge to find something for your family to eat every night. We get stuck in a habit of cooking the same dinners every night as our kids always ask for dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese or Chicken Stir Fry. But it can mean we are choosing to cook unhealthy meals that aren’t the greatest for our family. Here are some top ways to find great ideas for family meals so that you can bring some more delicious meals to the dinner table.

Ask other moms

One of the top ways to find some great new ideas for family meals is to ask other moms for some ideas. They may have some recipes they always cook for their family that you would never have thought of cooking before. You should ask moms at the school gates about different ideas of what they cook every night. Make sure you get them to write down the recipe so that you can follow it easily. You could also find out what other moms cook for their kids by asking your children what they eat when they go over to their friends home for tea. If they try something they really like, you could ask the mom for the recipe so that you can try cooking it for your family. Remember to ask your own mom for some great ideas for family meals you could cook. She’s sure to be full of great ideas that you could cook for your family. You can also check online on mommy community sites such as Netmums. They have a forum where you can chat with other moms about meal ideas for your family. and learn about organic meal delivery.

Buy cookery books

Another top way to find great ideas for family meals is by getting hold of some cookery books. They will be brimming full of ideas for dinners you could try cooking for your family. You can find many different cookery books in stores you could buy. Or you can easily download some discounted cookery books for your Kindle which you could follow. A lot of people just get hold of the most well-known chef’s books as they are guaranteed to have some great recipes. Thomas Keller and Paula Deen are just a couple of the most famous chefs in the US, and they have some great cookery books you should take a look at. However, there are a lot of chef’s out there that are less well-known but do some fantastic recipes you will want to see. Don’t forget to check out some of the UK’s top ones as well; Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver do some fantastic cookery books and are popular in the US. You need to make sure you buy cookery books for different cuisines too to find great ideas of what you should cook. Here are 100 great cookbooks you need to see, if you want to find some great ideas for family meals.

Watch cookery shows

You can also find some top ideas for family meals by watching some of the top cookery shows on the television. There are so many on during the day which you can watch and pick up some great ideas for what you can cook for your family. You can often find the full recipes for the meals they make on the shows on the website after if you want a good guide to follow. Here are some of the top cookery shows you can watch with your family when you are looking for some great new ideas of what to cook at meal times.

Look at Youtube videos

Another thing you can do to find great ideas for family meals is to go online and look on Youtube. In the modern world, a lot of chefs are putting all their latest recipes online. The good thing about the food videos on Youtube is that you can have it playing on your phone or iPad while you are cooking in the kitchen. That way, you can follow the recipe precisely and are less likely to make a mistake. Take a look on Youtube for food videos that have the highest views. These are most likely to be the best; you can also check the comments at the bottom to see if people have made the recipe and whether it was any good. Don’t forget that a lot of brands are now on Youtube. Therefore, you will want to follow them to see what recipes they are posting that you could follow. For example, look at Hampton Creek’s YouTube if you want some great meal ideas using their food products. That way, you can buy their products and make the food easily.

Check food blogs

With more people than ever blogging, you are bound to find some fantastic food blogs online which showcase some unique recipes. Search for food blogs on Google and you will find many bloggers who will have recipes for different cuisines. It’s a great way to get some inspiration of what you should cook. It’s easy to follow as they will put pictures on there of what it’s meant to look like at each stage. A lot of famous chefs also have their own food blogs which they will upload some great recipes. Don’t forget also to check websites such as Community Table and They have some fantastic family recipes you won’t want to miss.

Ask your kids what they like eating at school

You can also find some great ideas for family meals by asking your kid what they enjoy eating at school. They are likely to try many different meals while they are at school so are bound to have a favorite. Therefore, ask them what they have been enjoying eating, and if they would like to help you to prepare it. As this article reveals, kids are more likely to eat what is prepared if you involve them when planning meal ideas.

Read food magazines

 Another way to find great ideas for family meals is by reading the latest food magazines. They will be brimming with delicious ideas for meals you should be making for your family. If you find one you really like, you could ask a family member to get a subscription for you. That way, you will get the magazine through weekly or monthly, so you will have plenty of ideas for family meals. You can cut out recipes and make a scrapbook so you can go back to it when you want to make the recipe again in the future. Food magazines, Taste of Home and Cooking Light, are two of the most popular in the US.

Experiment yourself

You can also find great ideas for family meals by experimenting yourself with different ideas. Consider what you tend to cook typically and then change several ingredients. Just by using a different meat or adding extra vegetables, it will make the meal feel fresh and exciting. It can mean you have a brand new meal idea without having to change your shopping list too much as well.

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Check out restaurant menus

Another way to find great ideas for meals for your family is by checking out restaurant menus. Look online at different restaurants and see what they are currently serving. You are bound to find some great ideas of what you should cook for your family. When you are out at a restaurant and find something that everyone looks, make sure you take a photo of the dish so you can try and recreate it when you get home. You could always ask the waiter how the meal has been created as well!

See what’s trending

You can also find some great ideas for family meals by checking online and seeing what’s trending on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. So many people around the world put pictures of their dishes on there. Therefore, you are likely to get ideas for some new meal ideas. After all, meal ideas such as lettuce wraps and avocado on toast got hugely popular in the last year because they were trending online. Therefore, check out what’s trending to find some great new family meal ideas.

Check out new foods in the store

Another way to find great ideas for family meals is to check out new foods in the store. A lot of people buy the same foods when they go to the store. But there could be some brand new foods you could be trying to help you to find new meals ideas for your family. Therefore, when you are next in the grocery store, see what new foods are being advertised down the aisles. As they are new, they are often at a special price so you could save some money as well!


Don’t forget to check our blog for foods you should be incorporating into your meals every day to help your family stay fit and healthy. Hopefully, the above will give you plenty of ideas of how to find some great new ideas for family meals.










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