Top Beverages to Drink for a Good Sleep

If you care about your sleep, then you know that you will need more than a comfortable mattress from Tuft & Needle at Lowes to sleep well at night. You probably know that what you eat before bed may have a direct impact on the quality of your sleep and there are certain foods which are completely prohibited before bedtime. In the same manner, there are certain foods and drinks that will help you fall asleep and make you have a wonderful rest at night. Below is a look at some of the top beverages you should consider if you want to increase your chances of having a good sleep at night-:


 Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is not just delicious and comforting, but you can also use it as part of your bedtime routine as a sleep inducer. This is a drink that the Mayan clans use to take every single night before going to bed, and they used to add a few herbs for extra flavor and health benefits. It will not just help you get to sleep faster but will calm you down and ensure that your body is well primed for the rest that is to come.

Warm Milk

You probably saw this coming in the list. Warm milk has been a classic sleep tonic for thousands of years and it is one of the go-to drinks if you desire to have a good sleep. The secret to warm milk, and which makes it such a great inducer, is that it is not only relaxing but also potent in calcium and tryptophan – a substance the body converts into the sleep hormone, melatonin. If you wanted to get the most from milk as a bedtime drink, consider going for the skimmed ones because they are low in sugar and fat and will grant you with the full benefits of relaxation.

 Chamomile Tea

There are very good reasons why people use chamomile tea at bedtimes every day. If you want to have the perfect relaxant just before going to bed, then all you need to do is prepare a cup of chamomile tea a one hour before going to bed. The tea is caffeine free and will come with additional benefits such as relaxing your nerves, as well as settling your stomach. Its flavor is not intense for some people to find upsetting either, and since it has its own sugars, you won’t have to worry about sweetening it further.

Peppermint Tea

Mint teas are popular in most parts of the world and this is mainly because they are very good at inducing sleep. These kinds of teas have wonderful sleep-inducing properties, including mint and great tastes. Sipping this tea before going to bed will hand you similar benefits as chamomile tea, only that it comes with an intense flavor. Additionally, peppermint tea is also a great stress reliever and will also bring relief if you had stomach problems, digestion issues and will also help to improve the overall immunity.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate shouldn’t be confused with hot cocoa. Though the two may have nearly similar tastes, cocoa is a product of the cocoa powder while chocolate also includes cocoa butter. With hot chocolate, you will have to mix it with some milk to make it creamier so that you can tap into the sleep-inducing benefits of both warm milk and cocoa.

Cherry Juice

A study conducted in 2012 recommended that it would be beneficial for people to take tart cherry juice once in the morning and one hour before going to bed. It is believed that the juice has the ability to reduce insomnia, and it is a great source of sleep hormone, melatonin, it can be used as a natural sleep aid. By taking the juice in the morning, it can also help in regulating the circadian rhythm which will then help you sleep better.

Lemon Balm Tea

This falls in the mint tea family and it is one of the best drinks you can have before going to bed. The good thing about it is that you can make it natural and hot and take it when it is at its most potent state. All you will need is lemon leaves which you will then boil and allow to cool down before you can have your relaxing tea. Other than being a sleep inducer, lemon balm is also known to be effective in reducing anxiety, and with reduced anxiety, a good sleep is bound to ensue.

Decaffeinated Green Tea

Green tea is a wonderful source of an amino acid known as theanine. This particular amino acid has been shown to be effective in reducing stress while at the same time promoting better sleep. But the problem with green tea is that it has caffeine and this is not good when you want to have a good sleep at night. This is why if you have to take green tea before going to bed, then you have to ensure that it is decaffeinated, lest it brings the opposite results.

Lavender and blueberry smoothies

Blueberries are regular visitors on the table for most breakfasts. They are known to be very potent in polyphenols and polyphenols are great to sleep aids and this is what makes them such a wonderful choice for a bedtime smoothie. As a bedtime drink, blueberries comes with a lot of versatility, given that it can be combined with a horde of other fruits to make just any kind of smoothie that comes into your mind.

The perfect choices, however, would be lavender, bananas, and avocado. In addition to the smoothie, you can simply make a salad with blueberries and have it in the evening and you can bet that you will still tap into all the sleep-inducing benefits of the berries.

These are some of the best drinks you should think of whenever you want to drink something before going to bed. As usual, alcohol, coffee, and water are not recommended for reasons we assume you already know.





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