Top Automobile Transport Services You’ve Never Heard Of

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Every car is different, and every move is different. Whereas one individual may be moving from California to Tennessee and want to bring his or her Ford F-150, another person may need to take his or her classic Camaro from New York to Hawaii. Others may even need to transport a vehicle overseas from one country to another– although this often comes with additional issues. But just as each person has different needs, there are different types of automobile transport companies to fill those needs, move any vehicle and accommodate any move.

If you have never engaged in these types of services before, you may have no idea where to begin when looking to ship your car from one location to another. Or maybe you have engaged in a service that did not turn out well, and you are looking for an alternative provider in the future. Whatever the case, this article is designed to introduce you to some of the major– and a few of the smaller– enclosed car transporter services that can help your car safely meet up with you in your new location.


Three Types of Services

But before we get into the specific auto transport companies, it is important to understand a few key distinctions between the different types of services available. There are three main modes of car transport: truck, rail and air. Most major automobile shipping companies will offer multiple options, depending on the specific needs and requests of the client.

Truck Transport

One of the most common and practical means of shipping, truck transport is a safe, reliable method that is often used to ship vehicles from one state to another. A car is usually picked up from one of the transport company’s terminals in one location, shipped to the new location on a truck and picked up by the customer at another terminal. There may also be the option to have the car delivered directly to the client’s home for an additional cost.

Truck transport is generally thought of as the “traditional” option for vehicle transport, as it is less expensive than rail or air shipping.

Rail Transport

This method allows the vehicle to be loaded onto a train and shipped as rail cargo. This generally offers the same pick up/delivery options as tuck transport, but it can be significantly faster and safer. Accordingly, rail shipping usually costs more, and not all companies offer the option.

Air Transport

The safest and fastest of all the transportation methods, air transport is also the most expensive option. With this technique, the car can sometimes be picked up, loaded onto a plane, shipped to the intended destination and received by the customer within one to two days.

The Best Car Transport Services

There are several different companies that offer automobile transport services– some of which are internationally known businesses and others with which you may not be familiar. The right auto shipper for you may depend on several factors such as your type of vehicle, specific destination and any other elements based on your specific needs.

Some major shippers like AmeriFreight focus on providing low prices, but your options may be more limited with the discounted rates. More recently, online-based shippers like eShip and King of the Road Transport Services put a premium on convenience, with easy-to-use websites like A-1 Auto Transport website, there’s always an agent available to help Calculate your Shipping for Free.

Perhaps the best all-around option, Executive Auto Shippers has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for the last five years in a row, largely due to their focus on integrity, reliability and customer satisfaction. If you are looking to ship heavier equipment such as boats, yachts and oversized construction equipment, companies like We Will Transport It may provide the specialized service you need.

The company you go with will likely come down to your specific needs. But whether it is one of the big boys or a smaller transport service, you can find the right shippers to fit any needs and destination.


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