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According to the National Association of Realtors, a remarkable 44% of home buyers begin their search online. If that figure is not enough to make you pivot to video marketing, an astounding 73% of home sellers list their homes with a realtor who embeds a video on their listings. If video marketing is still not a part of your selling strategies, now is the time to amp up your game and use a video maker to craft videos of all your listings. 


Reasons for Using Videos to Sell Properties 

Home sellers and buyers know that real estate photos don’t always portray reality. Pictures alone can never be accurate. Even lengthy descriptions can never encapsulate the full essence of a property on your listings. Thankfully, a seamless video maker assures you can make stunning creations even from your camera phone. Hence, you can readily take your busy client on a virtual tour. If they want to get a glimpse of the neighborhood, you can also capture snippets with a drone. Moreover, transforming your practices to incorporate videos is not mere vanity but a necessity in this digital world. 

Today, buyers and sellers understand that real estate videos are an invaluable resource. Similarly, other real estate agents acknowledge that videos have become a primary component of the market. A compelling video can increase your sales and assure you beat your competitors. Moreover, with the recent pandemic, everyone prefers to exercise caution. Instead of attending a busy open house, perusing prospective properties online remains the top choice. Here’s what videos can do for you:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Attract attention on social media
  • Generate page views
  • Nudge buyers to inquire about the property
  • Gives sellers assurance that the property is shown in the best possible way
  • Inspire prospects and leads to set up appointments

Benefits of Using a Video Maker

If you’re feeling unsure about making your videos because you don’t have extra funds to hire a pro, fret not. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now create stunning digital marketing materials. Moreover, with the help of video maker software, you craft as many real estate videos as you want to boost your sales. 

You will find that a video maker comes with a very user-friendly interface. The organized dashboard and toolbar make it easy for you to add all the effects, clips, words, and transitions that you want. Thus, because of its simplicity and functionality, even someone with no video editing or design talent can make a cool video. Best of all, you can find an online video maker that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, ensuring you don’t blow your marketing budget. 

Top 5 Tools to Use

You will find many video makers online, but none of them are equal. They vary in pricing, features, and specifications. Let’s take a look at the top five digital solutions in the market so you can begin crafting your real estate videos.


This tool holds the top spot because it lives up to its name and helps PROMOte your business in social media seamlessly. Most importantly, it allows you to create cool property videos, image slide shows, and even stunning collages. No matter what your purpose is, this video maker ascertains you can do it without any hitches. Best of all, the free version assures you can have videos with no watermarks of If you want to enjoy more elaborate features, the price for premium products doesn’t break the bank. Furthermore, you can use this on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you need help, you can ask questions with their 24/7 live chat function. Enjoy the following from this tool:

  • Numerous video clips
  • Copyright-free music
  • A lot of pre-designed templates
  • Handle multiple formats
  • Add typography
  • Ability to animate
  • Transitions and effects

    2. Camtasia

This screen recorder and video editor will work well for your real estate business. It allows you to make property videos and full presentations via direct recording. However, you must download this directly to your PC and comply with the system specifications. It comes with a free trial, but once it is over, you need to pay fees to keep using this software. 

    3. Flipagram

If you’re looking to make videos on your mobile device, this app provides the best solution. With this video maker, you can turn property shots into quick videos even when you’re on the go. Moreover, you can add your favorite songs to your videos to catch more attention. However, this tool only works for short videos. You can use it for the following:

  • Share property snippets in your stories
  • Make slide shows of all your listings
  • Craft quick collages for social media
  • Create funky property MTVs to delight your followers 

    4. Magisto

Magisto works well in transforming the videos and photos in your phone gallery or camera into works of are. However, the basic version is limited and comes with the Magisto watermark. If you need more features, you need to buy the Pro or Business Version. These come with more templates and effects. Best of all, it includes a Vimeo Pro Membership.

    5. Animoto 

If you want a user-friendly product with lots of styling features, Animoto works well. However, the free version means you’re stuck with the company watermark on all your content. The drawback is it will distract clients from your branding. Additionally, the Pro versions don’t offer as many features as the top choice, making it difficult for you to customize your real estate marketing materials. 

Final Wrap Up 

As a real estate business, you need to amp up your game to secure your clients and beat your competitors. Hence, you need video marketing materials to generate leads and assure increased conversion rates. If you don’t have the budget, try making your videos with a video maker. Should you find this task daunting, your digital tool can make the whole process fun and easy. Remember, incorporate videos so you can take your real estate company to the next level! Failure to do so means losing out on sales and missing commissions. 



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