4 Ways You Can Improve Your Bathroom Lighting

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The lighting in your living room is as essential as the one in your bathroom. Like in any room in your house, the key to making it more spacious and elegant is by maximizing all possible lighting sources — which is a low-cost way to spruce up the area. Plus, no one wants to get ready in a bathroom that poorly illuminates their appearance, right? 

Good lighting is always an excellent investment as it quickly elevates the space. Whether it is during the daytime or nighttime, you must have the proper and the best lighting fixtures to brighten up the room and serve as an accent that can complement the bathroom’s aesthetic.

To guide you, here are four tips that you should look into to achieve the best lighting for your bathroom:

      1. Choose The Right Color Palette.

Your bathroom’s aesthetic and the color palette that you use significantly affect the space’s general lighting — from the color of the wall and the flooring tiles. Bathroom fixtures such as shower, bath, basins and toilets also influence how bright the room is. If you want it to be as bright as possible, white fixtures and furniture pieces are most recommended.

      2. Utilize The Three Types Of Room Lighting.

In primary room staging, it is essential to have all three lighting types: ambient, accent, and task lighting. It also applies in the bathroom. These lighting types help fulfil the need for illumination in the room, making everything visible, maximizing tasks, and preventing accidents. Furthermore, each of these has its purposes. 

  • Ambient: It is also known as general lighting as it is the primary source of light in the room. These are often overhead.


  • Accent: Fixtures as accent lighting are used to highlight unique features of the space.


  • Task: It is used to illuminate specific areas where tasks are done. In the bathroom, your vanity area must have its own task lighting.

      3. Let Inside As Much Natural Light As You Can In The Morning.

During the daytime, you want to invite and maximize that natural lighting that comes in. You can do this by installing huge mirrors. The color palette of your bathroom fixtures and decors also improve the light. Natural light is always the best source of warm light. Not only is it the way to put on the illusion that the bathroom is larger, but it also helps in reducing the light energy you consume.

     4. Install A Good Night Light.

For the nighttime, lighting all depends on your ambient or overhead fixtures. You want it to be maximized, especially when you visit the bathroom in the evening. 

Victoria Plumbing can provide all your lighting needs — either it is for ambient, accent or task lighting. They also have tiles, fixtures, and furniture for any style. It is renovation shopping made easy as you can browse and purchase products online. All you need to do is check-out and wait for your order to get delivered. Easy!

To whoever enters inside, your bathroom will serve as their personal space even for a short period. Whether you or a visitor, make sure that you amplify their experience by illuminating the appearance that they see in the mirror and sprucing up space. Invest in good lighting to give off a vibe that relaxes anyone that uses the bathroom to use the toilet, retouch, or check themselves out.


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