Tips to Prevent Work Burnout

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Functioning at the top of your game consistently day in, day out, is an ideal scenario most working professionals strive for. Ultimately, peak performance is the goal if you want to succeed and accomplish your tasks effectively and on time. After all, isn’t this how we measure success? It is the endurance to keep on going because we are taught that this is how tough, hard working people operate.

In reality, the constant demand of deadlines, never-ending workload and the pressure to keep up and succeed can take their toll. The price is heavy and costly not just for your health but also for your business and friends and family too. Once you’re out of action, depending on the severity of your burnout, the resulting ripple effect this can have on those around you can be far and wide.  

So, what is burnout, and why does it happen?

Whilst the term ‘burnout’ isn’t exactly a medical diagnosis, it can be described as a psychological syndrome that can affect anyone in the working population. Symptoms present much like anxiety which often leads to mistreatment and improper solutions. Akin to chronic anxiety, burnout can leave you feeling despondent, unenthusiastic about life and work, overwhelmed and exhausted and with little motivation to do anything other than perhaps stay tucked in bed, with the covers and blankets firmly in place!

Burnout happens because as time has gone by, continuous stressors have not been addressed. Largely, this occurs because we have not been given the tools or been shown how to cope with the stressors to prevent burnout from happening. 

The good news is that there are steps you can take to stop this from happening

Delegate tasks.  Making the decision to hire a virtual personal assistant is a great way to prevent burnout from happening. AVirtual UK is a specialist agency that provides high quality personal Virtual Assistants. Otherwise known as VAs, the Virtual Assistants are experienced and well-educated individuals who work remotely. 

Some tasks are just too time-consuming, and others require expertise or technological know-how. AVirtual UK will match an assistant to suit your needs, so you know you’re getting someone who is experienced in the areas you’re looking for. Choosing to outsource your assistant is an excellent way of looking after your business and your personal needs without the expensive overhead costs associated with an in-house employee. AVirtual UK assistants are based in Cape Town and are therefore 50% more cost-effective than those based in the UK. Furthermore, if you’re not completely satisfied, there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee and instant cancellation, all of which help to alleviate any stress and anxiety you may feel around your booking.

Regular exercise, quality sleep and a good diet are integral in preventing burnout. Exercising, even for just 30 minutes a day will give you some feel-good endorphins and keep you energized. Furthermore, pushing yourself a little will help you feel resilient as you become stronger physically and mentally.

Getting roughly 7-8 hours of sleep allows our bodies to recharge, which allows us to think more clearly. Decisions become easier to make and planning the way ahead is a lot easier when you’re well rested. 

A balanced diet rich in natural fortifying vitamins and minerals will further complement your arsenal towards keeping burnout at bay. Choose fresh fruit and vegetables and cut back on processed goods as these are often loaded with sugar and salt.

My fitness pal is a great app to help you keep on track and is free.

Taking short breaks is another effective way to prevent burnout. Working in front of a screen can be taxing. Eye, neck and shoulder strain are all common afflictions that, if ignored, can lead to extra tension. Taking a break every 1 – 2 hours, even for 10 minutes will get your body out of that fixed state and get your blood flowing. If you can, get outside and get a breath of fresh air and maybe even a little Vitamin D at the same time. The oxygen will give your brain cells a little boost which will result in you working more effectively. 

Book a holiday. Taking a few days or a week off work from time to time is the best medicine. Try to switch off your phone and resist the temptation to check and respond to emails. There are plenty of places to visit and explore that are near, or far. Travel alone, or with friends and family – there are plenty of great deals around to choose from. is a useful site with a lot of information about places to go and where to stay at competitive rates. 

How you choose to prevent burnout is the first step towards a happier, more productive work-life balance. You owe it to yourself to look after your well-being so you can live your best life today, and always. 


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