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Tips To Avoid Bites From Strange Dogs.

Dogs are great creatures who make wonderful companions. A dog may look sweet and innocent, but dog body language is much different from that of a human’s. Dogs bite for many reasons. They bite to show dominance, aggression, as warnings, and in times of pain. Many people make the mistake of trusting strange dogs because they were raised around their household dog. Not all dogs are alike and it is dangerous to instantly trust a strange dog. Before you go walk up to a new dog, take precautions to ensure that you are not another bite statistic.

Know dog body language

Dogs can’t talk to us in our language. They have their own that they use with their bodies. If you see a dog baring their teeth, it may be wise to not bother them. There are more signs than just showing teeth. Dogs will often times bark and raise the hairs on their back. It can be hard to tell with some dogs if the hair on their back is raised, but it almost always is a sign of less than good intentions.

If you see a strange dog that may be aggressive, don’t stare back at them. Don’t keep eye contact with an aggressive dog. Eye contact with an aggressive dog can be a sign of a challenge to that dog. Dogs will often have stare downs before they start a fight with each other. Looking away can show that you do not intend to fight.

Stay away

Do you see some cute dogs at the park? What about that adorable dog behind the fence? That dog is little, they can’t be a threat! It can be tempting to race up to a cute dog and start petting away, but that is also how you can get hurt. Stay away from dogs that you don’t know. If you encounter a dog at a park with their owner, always ask the owner for permission to pet first. Slowly approach the dog with a closed fist. Always let the dog sniff you first. Never make sudden movements to pet. Make slow movements and gauge the dog’s reaction.

Don’t approach dogs that are behind fences. These dogs consider that their territory. They may seem sweet, but they can turn when they feel that their territory is being threatened. It is best to just avoid chained or fences dogs completely. Same goes for dogs wandering in the neighborhood, especially if they are roaming in packs. You cannot trust a strange dog that isn’t leashed with an owner. You can find yourself in a dangerous situation if you approach a pack of stray dogs. Call your local animal control to pick them up for you. It could prevent a bite!

If a stay dog does approach your aggressively when you are out on a walk, try your best not to turn your back and run. Running away can trigger an instinct to chase and kill in a dog. Try to stand your ground with closed fists. You don’t want your fingers vulnerable to bites. Walk slowly away without turning your back. Stand strong and stand tall. Do your best to show no fear until you are back to safety.


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9 thoughts on “Tips To Avoid Bites From Strange Dogs.

  • My sister was bitten by a dog when she was little. From that point on both she and I were always a bit afraid of dogs. These are some very good tips!

  • I wish I had read this long ago. As a kid I was bit by 2 different dogs that required stitched and my son got bit when he was little and he needed to get stitches… now I have a fear of strange dogs which I hate !

  • Thank you so much for the info!!! Very helpful! Your blog is amazing!

  • I always tell my boys to ask the owner if they can touch their dog or not.

  • My cousin was attacked by a friends dog when he was young. He had to have multiple stitches on his face due to the bite, and still shows the scar today, 30 years later. These are great tips.

  • These are some great tips. I had a strange dog in my yard about a month ago and he decided to lay next to my car. When I tried to come outside he would show me his teeth and growl. I had to go out back and crawl in my car from the other side lol. He eventually moved but I have to say I was scared!

  • got to know but also remember for dogs you may know–but haven’t seen in a while or it’s a new environment–I got bite by a dog I knew but hadn’t seen for a while and then say her owner out for a walk. I approached just a bit to quick and he chomped on my arm SO hard. I think he was protecting owner…live and learn I guess!


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