Tips on how to Reduce the Effects of Rosacea

The National Rosacea Society reveals that 16 million and above Americans suffer from Rosacea. There are many other symptoms caused by Rosacea other than causing bumps resembling acne, eye irritation, facial flushing, and redness. Up to now, there is no evidence on what causes this skin condition although treatments for Rosacea keeps on improving. Following the below skincare guidelines will help you improve rosacea effects.

Triggers to Avoid

If you want to prevent rosacea flare, then you’ll have to avoid spicy foods, alcohol, stress, and extreme cold and heat. Even some of your skincare products can cause a rosacea flare. Ensure you know your triggers by keeping a journal on what causes your symptoms. While you can avoid some triggers, others you can’t, therefore, visiting a dermatologist will help you in dealing with the causes.  You can take care of your skin by taking a cold shower and cleaning your face with skin products to reduce the effects of Rosacea. Make sure the skincare products are designed specifically for Rosacea

Mild Cleansers

Whatever moisturizer you use matters when it comes to Rosacea. This condition worsens when you use harsh cleansers and astringents according to skin specialists. If you have Rosacea, you may have noticed that it appears like acne. Various acne treatments irritate the skin of people with Rosacea. Also, avoid the use of products containing retinoids or salicylic acid. If you prefer using a cleanser, go for the one that is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. People with Rosacea should use the cleansers carefully and avoid scrubbing their skin at all costs.

Be keen on your Makeup

Many people use makeups to cover up their red cheeks; However, it worsens rosacea symptoms. To be on the safe side, choose fragrance-free, and mineral-based makeup to prevent much irritation to your skin. Any makeup product you decide to use for Rosacea determines the effect it will have on your face. This skin condition goes well with makeup foundation such as pressed powder over liquid formulas. The reason is, liquid tends to block the pores, thus making rosacea symptoms worse.

How to Cope through Support

Since stress is among the triggers of Rosacea further worsening its symptoms, you may want to talk to a counselor. Seeking proper social support will help you feel confident and learn how to deal with the condition positively. Sometimes what people say about your appearance might make you feel embarrassed, anxious and withdrawn. Instead of letting the world run you down, you can find comfort in joining Rosacea support groups to connect with others facing a similar situation.

The Takeaway

Those who have Rosacea should take special care of their skins to reduce the effects of Rosacea. To avoid irritation effects caused by specific cleansers, creams, and makeups, you can opt for the recommended ones to help you look and feel good. Many treatments are available for the various symptoms of Rosacea. Your doctor may prescribe topical medications, light therapy and much more depending on the severity of your symptoms.



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    I didn’t know that stress could make it worse. That explains why I’ve had more symptoms recently.


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