11 tips to make your luxurious Brazilian hair extensions last longer

So, you had a professional stylist properly install your new Brazilian hair extensions and now your hair looks silky soft, healthy and brilliant? Of course, because you chose a hair type of very high quality. Good for you!

One of the advantages of this type of hair is that it is very durable. With proper maintenance and care, it can last up to a year, keeping the same volume, strength and thickness as from the first day.

Your stylist has probably instructed you the best way to take care of your new hair-do, but some additional useful knowledge can never hurt.

Here are 11 tips which will help preserve the longevity of your Brazilian hair and keep its fabulous look:

  1. Hire a professional stylist

This is a much better choice than doing it yourself, since a professional will properly install your Brazilian extensions, to avoid any damage.

  1. Brush your hair twice a day and before each wash

You should first detangle your hair with your fingers and then use a natural paddle brush (preferably boar hair) or a wide-tooth comb.

  1. Hold your hair while brushing

This will prevent causing any tension to your hair and loosening the extensions.

  1. Wash your hair once and condition it twice a month

Over-shampooing can damage your hair and make it lose it´s essential oil, leaving it looking dry and lifeless.

  1. Use products appropriate for the Brazilian hair type

The best choice are mild sulfate and silicone free shampoos and conditioners, as well as other hair products, like water-based silicone serums. They will keep your hair tangle free and hydrated.

  1. Let your hair dry naturally

This will prevent your hair drying out too soon. If you can´t avoid using a hair drying, keep it on low heat.

  1. Minimize the exposure to hot tools

Flat or curling irons can bring excessive damage to your extensions, so try not to use them very often. Pay attention not to use them near the base of the extensions.

  1. Avoid going to bed with wet hair

Sleeping with wet or damp hair will make it frizzy and dangled in the morning, so be sure to never let it happen.

  1. Wear a silk or satin cap at night

This way you will protect your hair while you are sleeping. You can tie it down beforehand, or even braid it, to minimize tangles and matting.

  1. Never use cotton or elastic materials

Cotton absorbs essential oils that are vital for the maintenance of your hair, while elastics can cause stress to it.

  1. Visit your hair stylist regularly

Even if you are taking great care of your Brazilian wave, it still needs to be treated by a professional from time to time.

There you go! Now you know 11 awesome ways to maintain your Brazilian hair so that it remains silk and shiny for months on end.

Make sure to buy only human hair of the highest quality. If you’re only interested in premium quality hair you should check this collection of virgin hair at HotBrazilianHair.com.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the prices!


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