Tips to Help You Include More Fruits in Your Diet

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When your doctor tells you to eat more fruits and vegetables, you usually ignore those suggestions. You think that they’re unnecessary, and you don’t need to eat more of them. It’s even worse when you don’t have any illness at all. You think that changing your current diet is unnecessary. Eventually, you will realize the importance of eating fruits and the benefits that you get from them. As such, you might decide that you need to have more of them. These are some tips to help you increase your daily fruit intake.

Try the fruits available

You can start by determining the kinds of fruits that are locally available. It’s easier for you to stay consistent in your diet when you know these fruits are available. You can try them first and decide which of them you like to eat.

Don’t rely on seasonal fruits

There are seasonal fruits that taste great, but you can’t rely on them alone. When they’re out of season, you might stop eating fruits. You can determine the fruits that you can eat in every month of the year to add variety and flavor.

Include fruits in your main dishes

You can start learning how to cook so you can find a way to include fruits as part of your main dishes. If you’re creative enough, you won’t have a hard time having fruits in your daily meal intake. You can get the benefits from the nutrients present in fruits along with the other ingredients in your meals.

Blend your fruits

Some people don’t like the taste or odor of some fruits. However, when mixed with other fruits, herbs and spices, they might taste great. The combination of several fruits also makes the blend even healthier. The best part is that you can prepare your blended fruits during the weekends and place them in the fridge. When you want to drink them, you can quickly grab them and head to your destination. Blended fruits are perfect as pre-workout drinks or to aid in digestion after eating.

Look for healthy alternatives 

If fresh fruits are expensive or the ones you prefer are unavailable, you can always look for alternatives. Desiccated coconut would be a great idea since you can use it on desserts. Check out recommended desiccated coconut suppliers. You can also try preserved fruits, jams and pickled fruits. As long as there are no unhealthy preservatives, they will be great for you.

Slice the fruits 

Another useful idea is to slice the fruits and place them in the fridge. If you’re too lazy to keep slicing fruits before eating them, you can do it when you have free time. Return the sliced fruits to the fridge and take them out when you want to eat. You can even pick them based on your mood for the day.

Always think about the nutrients 

Even when you dislike fruits, or you find the taste weird, you just have to remember the nutrients, and you will feel motivated to eat them. You know that your body will benefit once you regularly include fruits in your diet.




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