Tips To Get Through The Afternoon Slump

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If you have ever worked a 9-5 job, you know that the afternoon slump is VERY real.  It usually strikes around 2 p.m., after you’ve had a big lunch and are scrambling to finish up all of your work so you could head home for the day.  The sudden drop in energy can lead to decreased productivity, unfinished work, and an inability to concentrate.  If you’re finding it difficult to get through the afternoon slump, here are some tips to make this time of day a little easier.

Eat A Healthy Lunch

What you eat for lunch is one of the biggest factors that goes into how severe your afternoon slump is.  Many people make the mistake of filling up on refined carbs and sugar, which can lead to a crash that can often leave you feeling more hungrier.  Next time you’re heading to lunch, opt for food that is going to energize and fuel you, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.  These foods will help you feel full so you can get through the rest of the day without feeling tired and sluggish.

Get Up & Stretch

Staying seated all day can be detrimental to your productivity at work, and can make it easier to feel unmotivated and tired.  The combat this, try getting up out of your chair every hour and stretching.  You can go for a walk, do some wall push-ups, or simply stand next to your desk and stretch your legs.  Squeezing some physical activity into even the busiest work days can do wonders for your productivity, and you’ll feel noticeably more energized if you take breaks to move around throughout the day.

Make A Cup of Tea

Coffee is often many people’s go-to pick-me-up during a busy work day, but did you know that a cup of green tea can actually have a similar effect?  Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee but will still increase your alertness, which means that you’ll get a nice boost of energy without sacrificing a good night’s sleep later on.  Green tea also has countless health benefits, such as fat burning properties and anti-aging antioxidants, so you’ll be doing good for your body as well as keeping your mind sharp!

Enlist The Help Of Your Team

If you’re experiencing an afternoon slump, chances are your coworkers are, too.  The next time you start to feel sluggish, ask your team to go on a walk around the block.  The fresh air will do you good, and it will also provide some quality bonding time if you normally don’t get to interact during the day.  If your employer offers an employee wellness program, take advantage of it.  Working as a team to become a healthier office can significantly improve the overall productivity of your organization.



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