Tips for Planning the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

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Congratulations! Your little one is on their way and there’s so much to figure out. Finding a doctor, buying newborn essentials, and all of the other responsibilities can be overwhelming. There is something that can make this process a lot more fun and memorable: planning a gender reveal party. This is an event that brings loved ones together to collectively find out what gender the baby will be. Following these simple tips will guarantee an amazing gender reveal party.

1. Get your envelope.

Your first step to planning a gender reveal is getting the envelope. This envelope is going to help the party planner to handle the details for the reveal portion of the event. Typically, a close friend or relative will get the expectant mother’s sealed envelope so the parents are surprised with their guests.

If you’re too excited and can’t wait for your doctor’s appointment, there is a home-based DNA gender test that can reveal the gender of your baby at 8 weeks! After getting the results back, the gender is then sealed in the envelope and the planning can begin.”

2. Pick a theme.

Picking the theme should express the interests of the parents. Does daddy-to-be like basketball? Have a basketball player or cheerleader theme. You can also shoot a ball that turns blue or pink once it hits the backboard. You can also have pink and blue colored foods to match the theme. As long as the party decorations don’t give away the baby’s gender, the sky’s the limit.

3. Set the date and send the invitations.

You’ve gotten your envelope and picked a theme. Now it’s time to set a date to send out invitations. Typically, people host their gender reveal around the mid-point of their pregnancy, which leaves enough time for a baby shower and to prepare for the delivery. Whether you decide on physical invitations or electronic invites, sending an invitation that matches the party’s theme is always a nice touch.

4. Pick activities for the gender reveal.

After you’ve set a date, the next step is picking the activities for the gender reveal. You can have guests wear outfits with pink or blue. You can also play the wives’ tales game, which involves using popular myths to guess the gender. For instance, if the mother has maintained her weight throughout the pregnancy, the baby may be a boy. A really cool idea is to create a time capsule for the unborn baby to see when they reach a certain age with advice and sweet words. You can even give prizes to people who guess correctly.

5. It’s reveal time.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Many people go traditional and either pop a balloon or cut a cake with colored frosting. You can also incorporate your party theme into the reveal method. However you decide to do it, make sure someone gets footage as a memento. You can also ask friends to take pictures for the beginning of a memory book.

Gender reveal parties are a fun way to share a piece of your journey with your loved ones. Whether you want a laid-back or extravagant party, make sure that it’s as memorable and stress-free as possible.


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