Thinking You Can Get Smarter Makes You Smarter

Believing you can do quality work makes you bright—attitude matters when it comes to academic work. You become what you think. If you have a negative perception of yourself, your attitude reduces your productivity.

Never undermine your intelligence. We all have great potential to excel. Though our ability scale may slightly differ, our ability to shine and explore potential to greatness depends on us.

Can we get smarter

You may be performing dismally in your academics and worried about improving your grade in your school or law university, you can always get help from the law dissertation help and will improve your performing. Do you think you can one day improve and start shining? People have different arguments on performance. Their different opinion may affect your output if you choose to follow some of their misleading ideologies.

Some people believe that intelligence is constant, while others think it differs with gender or race. A mentality of some gender is more intelligent than others can affect the academic performance of the student. Assuming that you are of the gender with inferior ability to perform in class can kill your hard work spirit and lead to low performance.

The categorization of intellectual capability by gender or race leads to stereotyping where people think that you are inferior if you belong to particular gender or race. It creates a negative perception that later results in reduced academic performance by corrupting your hard work spirit.

Intelligence level varies but according or gender and race. We all have different abilities and potentials. But our performance depends on the efforts we put in exploiting our potential. Maintaining positivity improves academic performance. Believing you can make it and hard work is the best alternative to negative thoughts and stereotype threats.

Ways of Thinking You Can Get Smarter

Whether you are a back of white students, your race has nothing to do with intelligence. Most people have stereotyped black students and made them feel low when it comes to academic achievement. You can shift your thinking and be positive about yourself.

To understand your ability and potential, read more about the already published credible researches and articles on intelligence. It is important to get factual information to understand the concept of intelligence. Different scholars have done researchers related to linking intelligence and race. From their finding, you will learn that race or gender cannot work down your ability to excel in your academics. You have an equal chance to make it in class like your peers.

You may be better than your counterparts in class, but due to a defeatist mentality about your gender and race. Once you change your thinking, you may perform better than anyone else.

If you have negative mentality issues that hinder your performance, join any psychology group that trains positive thinking. Their program may be well designed to help you shift your mind and improve your performance.


You become what you think. If you think you can get smarter, you will. Contrary, if you take the negative direction, you will lose your motivation and start performing poorly. To perform well in your academics, you need to stop taking negative attitudes, stereotyping your gender and race concerning intelligence. You all have an equal chance of exploring your abilities regardless of your gender and race.



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